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[H][Sen'jin]<Slave to the Grind> casual guild recruiting Healers and Ranged DPS

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Slave to the Grind was formed more than six years ago as a casual guild. At our core, we still consider ourselves a casual guild and we won't ask you to sacrifice your social and family life to raid. However, we also take raiding seriously and are looking for players who are dependable, knowledgeable, mature, and able to appropriately respond to constructive criticism. While we always strive to get as far as we can in the current raid content and are organized enough to provide repairs and raid consumables for our members, we won't ask you to take your laptop to the hospital or miss your child's first birthday to raid.

While we are always open to applications from any potential new member, we are most actively looking for 2 ranged DPS and 2 healers (one with a DPS offspec) for our 10 man progression group. All applications will be reviewed by STTG officers and replied to within one week.

Raid Times:

8:30PM-12:00AM CST Friday, and Sunday.

What We Are Looking For:

-Exceptional raiders with appropriate knowledge of their class. Applicants are expected to be properly specced, gemmed, and glyphed, as well as have appropriate item level gear for our progression content.

-Members who take the initiative to research the mechanics of a new encounter before it is attempted and research recent or upcoming changes to their class.

-While it is extremely important for applicants to make an effort to make their character as competitive and prepared as possible, we heavily consider the attitude and personality of recruits to ensure they will fit into Slave to the Grind.

Please contact: Khamûl, Jcdru, or Abijah with questions or comments.

Apply at

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