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I start to build holy power using holy shock as much as possible and crusader strike (if on melee range).

This is probably a good handle to start with corrections: Crusader Strike is an egregious mistake.  Holy Paladin are not DPS-healers.  They are straight healers.  You can spend a GCD on Crusader Strike, or you can spend that same 1.5 seconds casting an actual healing spell which also generates Holy Power.


Holy Shock is likely not the best choice a lot of the time, as well.  Yes, it's an instant heal, but in the 1-1.5 seconds it takes to cast (being a spell the GCD is reduced by Haste) you could get off much of a larger no-instant cast-time heal.


Bottom line, generate your HP through healing.  I expect a real Healadin will have more specific advice.

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I'm sort of confused with the healing strategy for Paladins, I'm a TBC veteran, just started playing again about two months ago. So I'm sort of struggling trying to look for info and re-learning my class. I'm noticing that I'm excessively using Holy Radiance + Eternal Flame + Light of Dawn. I'm casting almost no Holy Lights and No Divine lights whatsoever. Although at first I was having mana problems no I have good enough gear that mana is not such a big issue at the moment, now HPS is. I'm getting beaten in HPS throughput by similarly geared people. I know I'm giving no context and playing style has something to do here but I would like sort of a short healing strategy for max HPS, bellow is a summary of my current strategy for healing.


Beacon tank, get in melee range if the fight is sort of static like Sha of Pride, etc... I start to build holy power using holy shock as much as possible and crusader strike (if on melee range). I start casting Light of Dawn if there is a lot of AOE dmg or cast Eternal Flame on tanks for the HOT or for any spike damage that might occur, sometimes I start to cast eternal flame on everything that I can and I can get my HPS a bump there, in short I'm relying to heavily on my holy power heals. Practically no Holy Lights, no Divine Lights and no Flash of lights whatsoever. Maybe this is the way to go, just feel bit lost. 


Thanks for the time.


Like Exemplar said CS is typically no no, you're not melee hit capped and even though it's a small risk that you'll miss it's still a waste of mana and a gcd. However, using Holy Shock on CD is something you want to do, it's super cheap, short cd and generate your precious Holy Power. Our heals cost more mana than other healers equivalents because we do have our Holy Power, maximizing HP generation and thereby getting "free heals" is a must. 


Regarding playstyle, if you are specced into EF you very very very rarely ever touch Light of Dawn, the only time you would do that is if several people would die unless you heal them now, which honestly never should happen. Your typical "rotation" will be Holy Radiance->Holy Radiance->Holy Shock->Eternal Flame (You want to have 3HP EF's on tank(s) and yourself 100% of the time). If you instead go the route of speccing Selfless Healer you will cast alot of Light of Dawn, and your "rotation" will instead be Judge->Holy Radiance->Holy Shock->Light of Dawn. If you go for EF you want to get your haste to 3506 or 7170 (depending on gear and preference), spirit til comfortable and then mastery. If you instead go for SH you can get rid of all spirit basically and instead just go for mastery>haste. 


A big part of paladin healing regardless of EF/SH is your cooldown usage. You didn't provide any logs so I can't tell if you're already using them wisely, but doing so is key. Try to plan your cd's ahead of time depending on the damage pattern in the fight. 

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I want to thank you all for your replies! This was very helpful! By avoiding wasting gcd on CS and just focusing on healing spells my HPS went from 88khps to 99-108Khps. I feel much more effective now! Thanks a bunch for the tips!

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Is there a list somewhere that lists the BiS for tanks for pre Heroic SoO? I have read in some forums that the 4 piece is best while others have said that the tier bonuses cease to be optimal once you get above a +13 ilvl per gear piece threshhold.

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I was wondering what blessing is better suited if im not in a group. Blessing of Kings or Blessing of Might?

At the moment I favor Blessing of Might but im not sure about the choice

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Sorry, I recently returned from a long hiatus, and feel sort of noobish for asking but searching hasn't found the explaination I seek.

Whats up with the macro changes? I used to use a variety of priority based cast sequence macros similar to this:


#show Avenger's Shield
/castsequence reset=0.3 1,2,3,4,Judgment
/castsequence reset=0.3 1,2,3,Consecration
/castsequence reset=0.3 1,2,Avenger's Shield
/castsequence reset=0.3 1,Crusader Strike
/castsequence reset=0.3 Hammer of Wrath


These macros no longer function as written, is there a way to rewrite these so that they would continue to work. I do not want a strict 1-2-3-4 linear progression macro. This macro would line skip if an item was on cooldown (it also casts from the bottom up)

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Forgive the potentially stupid question.   I've recently come back to tanking, having last tanked seriously in Burning Crusade.  

Is Effective Health (EH) still a legitimate tanking option?  Or has is been overshadowed by secondary stats?  

Thank you! 

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      By RainboomDash
      Hello alll..
      Recently I took a 6-ish month break and came back to quite a lot that's changed. I go to the timeless isles and get killed by just about everything :x. I was geared decently before I left, about 508 ilvl, but now that's not enough it seems. On top of that, the usual dailies don't seem to exist anymore. I was wondering the  best way to go about gearing up was again, as well as farming valor the most efficiently, and speccing.
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      I've been checking up shamans on WoL recently to check what they do on certain fights. Mainly Malkorok 10 HC as shamans mastery aswell as smart heals are hampered by the shield mechanics.
      What I seems to have found are players with completely off numbers where one or more spells show more casts/procs/healing done then what should be possible(typicaly double).
      Take this Malkorok 10 HC log for example:
      The top 5 abilities seems to be doubled in ammount of hits. Most notable is that the total cast time on 137 Chain Heals are about 1,5 minutes longer then the fight lasted according to the graph and that
      Restorative Mists(Ascendance) has 342 hits.

      Riptide on 10 people for 15 sec= about 70,
      Healing Rain 5 peps 15 sec= about 60,
      Chain Heals =5
      Healing Tide on 5 people=about 25,
      Healing Stream Totem=about 20

      Gives a rough estimate of 180 hits. Add verious other procs such as Spirit Of Chi-Ji, Eartliving etc that may or may not proc Restorative Mists and note that the ammount of spells cast/proced I present is impossible in itself due to GCD, lowering the ammount of actual procs further puting the WoL number at just about the previous mentioned double ammount logged.

      The top 2 players on Malkorok 10HC are shamans and one of them are solo healing so that explains his numbers(hes at least got the normal spells on the top of his list).
      This on a fight where most guilds dont take shamans because theyre terribly bad for it.

      Looking around a bit more you will soon find similar discrepencies.
      I dont know if there is a problem with the WoL client, our game clients or if people are simply able to cheat it somehow.

      Do anyone have an idea or explanation for this?
    • Warlords of Draenor paladin discussion
      By Charybdis
      Updated as of 16 August 2014.
      WoD is changing up stats as well as talents and very likely other abilities so a thread to consolidate our thoughts on all that would probably be quite useful until the beta comes up and we can do more specific work for each spec.
      Gear changes are summarized:
      No more expertise, hit, dodge, or parry.  All spells and ranged abilities will have the necessary hit chance to always hit a mob 3 or less levels higher than the character.  Melee DPS will always hit a mob from behind, and tanks will have the needed "expertise" through spec abilities to ignore an boss's parry.
      Reforging is gone.
      Extra secondary stats are multistrike and versatility.  The previous amplify and readiness stats were too complex to balance properly according to Blizzard and hence scrapped.
      For armor pieces (helms, shoulders, etc) the item’s primary stat will change based on spec.  Wearing a plate item while specced as holy will give it intellect, while prot and ret will have strength on the armor instead.  Cloaks, necklaces, rings, trinkets, and weapons will not change any stats based on spec.
      Spirit and bonus armor will not appear on armor pieces but can appear on cloaks, rings, etc. as secondary stats.
      The word on tier items so far is they’ll also switch primary stats as well as the tier bonus depending on spec, but won’t switch secondary stats.  This might be a problem since each spec will almost certainly value each stat differently so having the same stats between specs could be annoying given the number of combinations of secondary stats available now.
      Vengeance is being renamed to "Resolve" and will boost defensive abilities directly instead of boosting AP.  Tanks will now do roughly 75% of a pure DPS spec's damage once tuning is done properly.  It currently isn't done right, if anyone is wondering.
      Resolve:  Increases your healing and absorption done to yourself, based on Stamina and damage taken (before avoidance and mitigation) in the last 10 seconds.
      New secondary stats:
      Amplify is no longer a secondary stat, but might appear on specialized gear like trinkets if Blizzard wants it to again.
      Multistrike was clarified by Celestalon to be: “X% Multistrike means: Each ability has two separate (X/2)% chances to hit each target an additional time for 30% damage.”  I haven’t seen further clarification on this such as whether it’s possible to have a double multistrike since there are two chances to proc.  Celestalon also said that multistrikes (and cleaves) are not dependent on the damage or healing of the ability that triggered them, so there won’t effectively be “double crits.”  However, multistrikes (and cleaves) can crit on their own.
      Multistrike notes:  Blizzard changed it to simply be X% to get one or two hits, so it's capped at a more intuitive 100% instead of 200%.  The ability that lets Prot benefit defensively from multistrike is Shining Protector.  Some of our self heals benefit from MS as well, and those in turn can trigger Shining Protector last I heard.  Ours is the only multistrike tank defense ability that is dependent on others, so it's a double-edged sword in that a good team can perhaps boost us but at the same time a bad one can screw us, and it's harder to simulate the effects.
      Readiness is no longer a secondary stat, but might appear on specialized gear like trinkets if Blizzard wants it to again.
      Versatility simply boosts damage, healing, and absorbs by X% and reduces all (hopefully all anyway) damage taken by .X%.  Ret has a "new" ability called Sanctity Aura which boosts Versatility for all allies within 100 yards. DPS DKs, all Druids, and DPS Warriors also bring the buff as well as a few Hunter pet families.
      Bonus Armor can be found on non-armor items like rings and cloaks, and will only work for Prot.  Besides boosting armor, it also boosts attack power by the same amount as armor (so 100 bonus armor = 100 attack power)
      Crit is staying the same for Holy and Ret, but for Prot there's a "new" ability called Riposte that grants Parry rating equal to Crit rating from gear.
      Each spec gets a secondary stat attunement that boosts the stat gain by 5%.  For example, normally Holy would get 1% crit from 110 rating but thanks to the attunement they get 1.05% crit from the 110 rating points.
      The attunements for paladins are:
      Holy: Crit
      Prot: Haste
      Ret: Mastery
      At level 100, the ratings conversions for each secondary stat are as follows:
      1% crit = 110 rating
      1% haste = 80 rating
      1 mastery point = 110 rating
      1% multi = 132 rating (used to be 66, but Blizzard changed MS to be more intuitive)
      1% vers = 130 rating
      1% PVP power = 49 rating
      Additionally, at level 100 1 point of stamina grants 60 base hit points.
      Regarding talents:
      The level 100 talents have all been modified or even replaced since Blizzcon.  Here's an overview of the current ones:
      Beacon of Faith: Gain a second Beacon of Light.  Previously wasn't a separate button on its own, but Blizzard changed it because having the Beacon leapfrog was "annoying as hell" as several players including myself have roughly put it.
      Beacon of Insight: Place a beacon on a target and they will get a 30% boost to the next single target heal you cast on them.  When they reach full health or you complete the cast that is boosted by 30%, the beacon switches to the most wounded ally in 40 yards.
      Saved by the Light: When you or your Beacon of Light target drop below 30% health, this talent generates an absorb shield equal to 30% of the target's health on them for the next 10 seconds.  You can't shield a person this way more than once per minute.
      Empowered Seals:  Using Judgment while also using a certain Seal will give you different benefits.  Justice boosts speed by 20% for 20 seconds.  Insight heals you for 1% of your maximum health every 2 seconds for 20 seconds.  Righteousness increases haste by 10% for 20 seconds.  Truth increases attack power by 15% for 20 seconds.
      Seraphim: Boost your Bonus Armor, Crit, Haste, Mastery, Multistrike, and Versatility by 1500 each for 15 seconds.  Costs 5 Holy Power to use and has a 30 second cooldown.
      Holy Shield:  Increases block chance by 10%, allows you to block spells (likely only some spells), and when you block you deal 50% of your attack power as Holy damage to your attacker.
      Empowered Seals:  Same talent as Prot's above.
      Seraphim:  Same talent as Prot's above.
      Final Verdict:  Replaces Templar's Verdict.  Consumes 3 Holy Power to deal 280% weapon damage as Holy damage.  Also increases the damage and radius of your next Divine Storm by 100%.
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