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Hello all, this is my first time posting on here. I have been raiding heroics for a while now, took a break during mop and came back about 5 months ago. I am currently 10/14H 25 man, and have some questions on my build. Currently i am running 5176 haste bp for the +10 ticks to WG and i stack mastery. I know the haste bp for 13,163 is good and i will eventually switch once i get a few more haste pieces. I don't like my mastery dipping to low and right now i can reach about 31% mastery with the 13,163 haste bp. So my question currently is i have 3 hwf pieces now. I can use heroic chest and pants, and have hwf gloves from spoils, hwf shoulders from protectors, and hwf helm from sha. I was told by someone that using 2 pc and 3 hwf might be better, but i have number crunched and cant find that it is better. I gain general stats and a tiny bit of mastery... but i don't think that is worth losing the 4 pc bonus. 


Here is a WoL from last weeks farm bosses:


Here is my Armory link:


So my questions are:

1. Is 4 pc better than 3 hwf and 2 pc tier 16

2. Is there anything i should be doing diff healing wise for 25 man?

3. Should i go for the 13,163 haste bp even though it will drop me down to only 32% mastery

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Im having to break a few socket bonuses to reach haste cap on my 555 resto druid, and im wondering if it is worth just going back to 3043 and stack mastery, im comfortable at my current spirit, iron jugg hc went fine on mana etc, so thats not a problem. And im wondering how i should gear, as i struggle to find any conclusive answer to this, should i keep 4set or go for 2set ?, with better offset pieces ?, my current guide to gearing is owld's(method) armory, im guessing thats the bis.


Armory link :

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Hello! And TY again nice sites and forums.


And to the business..


I have a problem, i have been healer a long time and after lich king died allmost every patch i have been raiding in 10mans. Now cause of mythics we killed Garrosh in 10's and now we did change to 25 mans. Problem is that i have used to be good healer and one of the top healers in guild. Now i feel like im not doing good work. Can i ask, do you see am i doing something wrong or should i do something more or in different way? here is mine logs from


and from yesterday:


Is there something wrong or isi just class thingy that cant heal better in 25's...?

I love theory crafting and also allways trying to improve my gaming and charrecter thats why im asking now what should i do.. I cant see what i do wrong...


Ty for youre answers beforehand and im waiting for youre answers..




ps. this is my armory

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Quick question here;

I've run some simcraft (10 000 iterations, patchwerk, low world ms, 350 sec), and found that the stat prio suggested by Simcraft conflicts with the commonly agreed upon stat prio (in terms of mastery vs crit). I'm running 13163 haste with 15k +- 500 spirit. 


These are my stat weight result after running simcraft:


Crit: 2.55

Mastery: 1.91

Haste: 1.15


Now I understand hastes priority to be skewed because I'm guessing simcraft doesnt do well with counting in our breakpoints, but I'm first and foremost interested in the numbers I'm seeing in crit vs mastery. 


This is the character I'm pulling gear/specc from:


Is there any reason simcraft would be blatantly wrong here, or does crit actually gain momentum when approaching these high item levels?

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I've just returned to being a resto druid after playing a lock since the start of this expansion, and I was very disapointed with my performance in my first night of progression on Beastlord. I would appreciate it if you would help me dig through the logs from that night and give some constructive feedback.

A few notes. While I'm a few ilvls behind other players there, it is not really all that big of a difference. After that night I made some changes, I changed my NS macro to cast regrowth instead, and got a couple WAs to help increase lifebloom and mushroom uptime.

The first attempts I was going for a rejuv focused style, with ToL and NV, but towards the end I shifted to giving wild growth more focus, with SotF and DoC. I found that my output was roughly the same, but I saved some mana.


While I'm here, quick question. Does Nature's Vigil snapshot on rejuvs? Or will it work for rejuvs already ticking before I start it?

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