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[A] DOJO [Durotan] 25-Man Raid and PVP Guild

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Dojo is one of - if not the - leading 25-man Guilds on Durotan. We are looking to fills a few slots with superior DPS - some preference for Warlock, DK or Rogue but will be flexible for the right applicant.

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Dojo is a progression guild with a bit of a relaxed attitude. We have organized raids three times per week (see below), with organized PVP twice per week and other optional runs planned on other evenings. Our core raiding group is relatively small - we have always been selective about membership, trying to size the raiding and PVP parts of the Guild so that all members can participate in our planned activities.

Despite our relaxed attitude, we are serious about our progression raiding and PVP. We are consistenyl one of the top Guilds on server in both. With the recent movement twoards 10-man Guilds, we are one of a very few Guilds who have succeeded in thriving as a 25-man Guild.

For those of you hard-core raiders with family members (who may not be as hard-core as you), we are a family-friendly Guild. We have automatic Guild admission for friends and family of Guild members in good standing, a separate class of members for alt-leveling and a separate class of members for those who want to be a vital part of our Guild but do not want to devote the time and effort necessary to participate in planned events.

We are a mature and stable Guild - the Guild has been in place since Vanilla, and many of the Guild members have been with the Guild since BC or before. You must be at least 18 to apply, have stable internet and computer, be capable of completing your sentences (even if not grammatically) and not be a jerk (they instituted a "no-jerks" policy after I joined ). Most of our raiders are in their 20s and 30s, but whatever your age there is likely someone older and younger than you in Guild.


We do 25-man progression raiding on Tuesday, Wednesday and Sunday, from 8:45pm to Midnight or 12:30am. Organized PVP is Monday night (from 8:45pm to Midnight) and Saturday (4:30pm-7:00pm). All times are Eastern US time. Most of our members maintain an attendance rate of 80% or better, but there is no strict attendance requirement. We understand that you have a real life as well, and only ask that you give us notice of changes in your availability so that we can plan accordingly.


We are looking for DPS. You should have usable off-specs as well. Needless to say, you should be well-geared, fully enchanted and gemmed.

While we have a light preference for Warlock, DK or Rogue at the moment, we are flexible as to the specific classes, since we prefer talent and ability over a specific spec or class (a number of our players are willing to change class/spec to suit a talented new player). We also are happy to consider PVP-only applicants, though that is not the point of this post.

We emphasize bringing in quality members. Members are expected to be strong performers who spend time researching and improving their skills. But we also expect quality members to be quality people in terms of human dimensions. While we are demanding in terms of performance, we all try to help each other improve, and we all keep it in good temper. I make no promises about the quality of our humor, but it is reasonably family friendly.


Please go to our website ( and complete the application. If for some reason you wish to speak with an officer before applying (or if you wish to apply on a confidential basis), please send an in-forum mail (there are links), send me a note on EJ or chat with us in-game. There are general access forum links on our website that will tell you just about everything about our rules/guidelines and how we are organized.

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