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[H][Whisperwind]<Whisperwind Eleven>: 6 Years of Progression Raiding (9PM PST)

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Whisperwind Eleven is a lvl 25 Horde guild on the Whisperwind server focused on progressing through content based on raids that go from 9pm to midnight PST.

Founded in February of 2006, WW11 is a progression raiding guild that values a culture of mature, respectful and fun gameplay over server firsts.

What we've done: Key accomplishments (achievements cleared while content was current unless noted)

* Cleared Sunwell Plateau after the 3.0 nerfs.

* Glory of the Raider

* 10 and 25: Glory of the Ulduar Raider, Algalon

* 25-man Tribute to Insanity

* Heroic Halion - 25

* 11/12 Hard Modes in ICC-25

* Glory of the ICC Raider 25

* 9/13 Cataclysm HM (13/13 cleared for fun later during DS)

* 5/6 Firelands HM

* Glory of the Firelands Raider 25

* 8/8 DS HM

* Glory of the Dragon Soul Raider 25

When we do it: Raid Schedule

All raids are from 9pm PST to midnight PST: Monday, Wednesday, and Thursday.

We also offer organized guild BGs! We play every Tuesday 11 to 2 server

Why we're different: Key Guild Differentiators

* Stability - 6 years of progression 25 man raiding

* Culture - We are a group of adults that expect mutual trust and respect from our raiders, sense of humor is a plus! Most of our team is 25+. Our raid schedule is designed for those with careers and kids: 9pm PST to midnight, 3 raids a week

* Punctual - 99% of raids end by 12:15am

* PG-13 gchat/vent ("Disney rules" no profanity, no racist or dirty jokes), we're not prudes but we believe that any kids hanging around while their folks are raiding don't need to be scarred for life if they happen to hear something in vent.

* No l33t sp34k, yelling or raging allowed in chat or vent, ever (u fail ur nub). If this is how you communicate you will not fit in.

* Fast pulling" culture, we like to respect each other's time and keep things moving

* Our goal is to complete all heroic content and raid metas while the content is current

* We don't race for server firsts, we see content on our time schedule

Why we're different (PT2!): Guild Culture

Most of us are hardcore gamers who grew up on Pacman, Quake, Starcraft, Zelda and Mario. Some of us got married, settled down, and are looking for a guild in which we can continue a hardcore approach to gaming on a more limited time schedule.

The guild is an open book. Applicants are welcome to listen in on raids, ask any member for their opinion on the leadership, or simultaneously apply for other guilds. We understand that joining a guild is a big decision and support applicants who do their research to choose the right guild for them.

We are only accepting players of exceptional skill, commitment and cultural fit. If you are all of these things then you will likely have a raid spot available. Whisperwind Eleven has a unique approach to recruitment, we recruit players not gear.

We are a guild of raiders. Before you apply, make sure the following describe you:

1. You think you'll have near 100% attendance.

2. You acquire loot because you want to raid, not the other way around.

3. Given the choice you'd rather show up for progression nights than farming nights because seeing new content is more exciting than farming epics.

4. Theorycrafting is something you think is fun and will make you a better player.

Final Notes

The guild is here for the long-term, and that’s what we’re thinking about during recruitment - Although 85% is the minimum requirement for raiding we require 100% from applicants.

About Whisperwind

Release day server

PvE, US Central Time

High population

Rampage Battlegroup

2:1 Alliance:Horde ratio

To apply message/mail in game on Whisperwind to one of these officers " Deathpod (GM), Dona, Metaloxide, Fratricide, Thorinbane, Dachopper

Whisperwind Eleven

Current openings:


Elemental Shaman

Enhancement Shaman



Balance Druid

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