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[A] 25 The Church - Darkspear 10/16H

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<The Church> Darkspear (PVP – MST)


Currently 6/6 (H) 4/6 (H) 4/4 – US 25 man

<The Church> is a 25 man Raiding guild on Darkspear, we are strong dedicated 25 man guild looking to add a few exceptional players to our roster. We are looking to recruit players with drive, initiative and determination for our 25 man Heroic progression push. We are looking to add people who are mindful of others and will add to our community of a two, 25 man raiding guild. We currently raid on a 3 night a week roster of Tues/Wed/Thurs, and with tight time restraints we recruit players who can play effectively and efficiently. The Guild as a whole offer’s a strong stable and effective raiding roster, as well as strong and dedicated leadership as well a community of raiders with the same raiding mind-set on progression.

We are looking to extend our progression push with dedicated players who have the motivation and drive to maintain in the top US#100 25 man guild and push beyond. Progression is currently 6/6H, 2/6H and 4/4. With more data available on wowprogress.

WoW Guild The Church @ Darkspear :: WoWProgress - World of Warcraft Rankings

Raiders are expected to understand their class in-depth and learn how to maximize themselves throughout different encounters with intelligent use of mechanics. Players are also expected to raid with a progression mindset and a desire and itch to kill that boss. With all that out of the way, enjoying the game, the guild and the community in which it is surrounded by is very important ïŠ

Current Recruitment is in need of:


- Blood


- Moonkin

- Feral

- Resto

- Guardian


- Enhancement

- Resto


DPS Warriors


- Brewmaster

- Mistweaver

- Windwalker


- Disc

- Holy


- Holy


All exceptional players are welcome to apply and their application will be considered. Please spend more than 5 minutes on your application. Applications are taken very seriously, take the time to allow for us to know about you a little better!

Raid Times are Tues/Wed/Thurs 7pm-11pm PST (8pm-12am MST)

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