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[H][Ner'Zhul] <irL> 7/16 Need one healer

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We're a guild on Ner'Zhul, a medium/high pop PVP server with an active economy that's not frustrating to be a part of. We're made up of people who's played the game for multiple years, and who for one reason or another are back in Mists and ready to go. We're mostly west coast based mid-twenties people with careers and the like. Just have fun!

<irL> is currently finishing up our roster for raids and PVP Tuesday, Thursday, and Sunday from 8 to 11 pm PST. We have two openings.

What are we looking for?

Our core raid group is not complete, but that's where you hopefully come in. We're looking for a healer, and one DPS. We have a holy paladin, and so a mistweaver monk, resto shaman/druid, or priest would be a good match.


We're semi-hardcore, and we do like to get things done. Most of our members come from top 100 guilds throughout the history of wow. We're used to a hardcore progression schedule, but we'd like to do things a bit more relaxed with this guild. Expect to know your fights and come with flasks - but we'll provide the food and we won't time your runs back when we wipe.

Website? Huh?

We've got a website up at Either contact us there, or contact me in PMs, battle tag, or /tell any of our members on the server.

More info?

Send any of our members a /tell, or hit me up directly at Inktomi#1227, or send me a PM here (preferred, since then I know you're an awesome EJ member!). You're also encouraged to contact our healer, she's at evalyne#1199.

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I just got done updating our site, so now it's not a horrible wow-template site anymore. Now it's a horrible twitter bootstrap template site!

Also recruiting graphic designers and front end web developers!

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After one week raiding (with two pug heals) we've cleared MSV, and now with 8 or 9 out of 10 people we're into Heart of Fear. We really need to recruit a healer, because random PUGs are the main thing slowing us down at this point.

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