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HolyCalcs beta, 5.2 PTR

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Removed Divine Insight proc for Disc.

Added PW:Solace for Holy. The modeling is a little weird since currently adding an on-cooldown spell removes some cast time from fillers, so it looks it like gives you back extra mana and loses some HPS. The conclusion is the same though when you look at the combined HPS/MP5 score--slightly worse than Mindbender.

Added Binding Heal filler.

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Just an additional small thing that's linked to my note about Holy above:

You may want to give the option to disable rotational spell usage for some Holy spells. For most cases, PoH has higher HPS than CoH and higher HPM than CoH and some level 90 talents. Using those on cooldown drains lots of mana, especially with 4T14, you'd often spend on PoH in 25 man raids instead.

It would probably make more sense to allow the user to set an interval for those abilities even though it may clump the UI a bit.

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I'm updating this now, apologies for the delays (in a new position at work and free time isn't exactly plentiful!). As far as gear updates/etc for future patches it'd probably be best to have someone from the Priest community taking that over. I can give you an update on how to import gear/etc (it's very easy, just takes a bit of time).


  • Armory import (gear and enhancements) and upgrades have been added.
  • Layout tweaked to match Wrathcalcs, which will make maintenance easier going forward.

Doesn't sound like much, but took a while!

In the works:

  • Talents/Spec detection. Having some difficulty with how to handle this as so many of you guys use Holy & Disc as active specs (for obvious reasons). Probably best to just let you toggle this manually? I've ignored glyphs under the same thinking for now. We do need to standardise wording on these too (i.e. use the official talent names/glyph names in the dropdowns, but that's not a huge deal).
  • Profiles. I'll update this once things are a bit more bedded in.
  • Race detection, purely because I don't have the base values. Can someone provide a list of the base values for each race of priest?
  • Gear list. There are probably one or two things missing as I'm not as familiar with cloth drops. If you spot anything, just post up and I'll add it.
  • Speaking of which, I need to update to the new Wowhead XML layout for this sheet, it looks like it has changed slightly recently.

Please note: this is a first attempt for Priests, so there will likely be some teething issues. Please let me know if you spot anything, as I don't have a priest so won't be making as much use as I do of the Druid spreadsheets personally.

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I would just add my sheet where you can find them in the "Conversions" sheet, but either I am blind, stupid or simply unable to attach a document to my post.

Well just a copy of the cells should be enough so you can import it:

Base Stats	Strength	Agility	Stamina	Intellect	Spirit

Blood elf	45	60	77	220	214

Draenei	49	55	77	217	218

Dwarf	53	54	78	216	215

Gnome	43	60	77	220	216

Goblin	45	60	77	220	214

Human	48	58	77	217	222

Night elf	44	62	77	217	216

Pandaren	48	56	78	216	218

Tauren	53	54	78	213	218

Troll	49	60	77	213	217

Undead	47	56	77	215	221

Worgen	51	60	77	213	215

Edit, I don't want to doublepost, so I hope you guys see the edit anyways:

Since your gear import already works, could you import the gear of a human priest and tell me the total spirit from base + gear vs the armory value? Because I'm not quite sure when the racial is applied, but I guess its either to the spirit on gear alone or to the base as well. Even though that wouldn't really make all that much of a difference, curiousity got the better of me and I fear I might make a silly mistake if I were to do it manually.

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I have some nice idea for spreadsheet.

In past I modify healing spreadsheet to enter manually Overheal level to each spell, because stat scaling wont be accurate w/o these numbers.

It was something like this:

PoH 20%

DA 10%

Attonement 50%

and so on

By default all these OH numbers were set up at 0%

In all formulas about HPS or HPET I add one multiplier *(1-Spell_OH/100), where Spell_OH is number for appropriate spell.

And then stat scaling were may more close to reality.

I saw these numbers in WoL records and manually enter them in 10sec.

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Very nice idea, though for disc DA will still be calculated off of the full heal.

Maybe allowing both masteries, DA and EoL, a separate overheal% would fix that? Because in my spreadsheet they are built into each individual spell...

When I looked into HolyCalcs this weekend, I didn't see anything like that, but maybe I just overlooked it: Is it possible to evaluate the T90 talents against each other?

I made a chart, considering H/CD for all three spells, depending on the distance between targets (will post it as soon as I'm home) and it showed DS to be clearly superior to the other options (of course that doesn't take into consideration the filler spells you lose due to more GCDs on DS), only overtaken by Cascade once DS cant reach its/enough targets. Halo is practically never that strong, even in 10man where it and DS are already AoE capped and Cascade could still hit 5 more targets. Considering the fact that Cascade is smart after the initial cast and halo would either require everyone to be in one spot, but then DS would overtake it, or nicely spread in a circle around the priest. The only real advantages I see are the lowest number of GCDs used and its burstiness (but that could also be a disadvantage depending on the fight).

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It's probably not a bad idea for when I do a general update for inputs to my healer sheets. Just for cleanliless, I'd probably break it down a little more loosely, maybe an overheal % for each of direct heals, smart heals, shields, and HoTs.

You can change the L90 talent in the dropdown, although this slightly affects casting ratios since they have different cooldowns. Someone pointed out earlier that that "effectiveness ratio" of each really varies (in particular I think Halo would tend to be a lot less perfect than Cascade in real use) so you should probably change that too.

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Quick update for last night's Disc mastery changes.

Like I mentioned before, the main point of the sheet is mostly for me to have spell numbers handy that I tweak however I want for doing the sorts of comparisons reflected in what I post on the Disc thread and elsewhere. Ensuring user-friendliness isn't a huge priority yet (in some ways I got a bit ahead of myself when I posted it publicly here), but since Tecton was nice enough to do a basic item pass, anyone who wants should still be able to use it on their own with only a couple minutes of tinkering to learn how it works.

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Alright, I completely lied, and here I am updating this (was looking at some Pst questions). Notes since last time:

--Removed Glyph of Smite

--Atonement spells reduced to 90% (except Solace).

--Solace heals for Holy (still have to add to tables, but accounting for around 5% of raw healing).

--Evangelism affects heal Penance (haven't updated rotation, so uses DPS penance which heals for just a bit less).

Items aren't updated however, so just have to tinker with stats manually. I've been thinking more and more that healing spreadsheets tend not to need this huge item setup overhead to answer the sorts of questions we want to answer most of the time, and I've been loath to do it every time or ask Tecton to do it. Probably more likely that I'll incorporate any detailed class info into the sort of analysis I started in this blog post:

Healing Theory, Part 4: Comparison of No-Cooldown Heals | It's Dangerous to Go Alone

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