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[H] STORMSCALE APEX 25m 3 nights/week (21:00 - 00:00)

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Apex Horde are a PVE orientated guild on the server Stormscale [EU]. The guild started in Vanilla on Xavius and in June 2008 around 15 core raiders realm transferred to Stormscale.

Our current raiding times are:

Mon (21.00-00.00)

Wed (21.00-00.00)

Thu (21.00-00.00)

Our loot system:

We are currently using EPGP in addition to the guild ranks: Serpent Guard - Dragon King. To filter out any less active/dedicated players, Dragon Kings have loot priority over Serpent Guards. Members are expected to attend every raid (3 days per week), so maintaining the highest rank will be no problem even for newer members.

What we expect from YOU:

We are looking for players that make an effort and have some pride in their character with the best enchants, epic gems and 2 beneficial professions. Raid experience from Vanilla to Cata is more appealing than item level though this does help :p

We need reliable players that can commit to a mere 3-4 hours raid, 3 days per week and arrive early with plenty of flasks, reagents, food and with a mature attitude who will accept wiping is a part of raiding and who can promise 100% focus to both farm and progression bosses alike.

What you get from US:

A friendly welcoming mature guild with experienced and fair officers some of whom have been in the Apex clan for many years. We enjoy raiding and try to do it in mature and fun manner which hopefully will result in steady progress through game content.

If you're interested in joining visit:

If you have any questions about joining, whisper either of these officers: Crackss, Ocane, Tamba, Mordén or Seregon.

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