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[A][Sargeras]<Exile> 1/13HM 25m ToT LF Multiple Classes 8-12 EST T/W/T 5/1 UPDATED!

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About Exile:

Exile is a raiding guild that aims for top-flight progression while raiding a minimal schedule. We believe that while raiding demands commitment and responsibility, it is equally important to participate and be a member of the community.

Most of our raiders are working professionals or college students with the majority of our raiders coming from 20-30 hour per week guilds who pushed hardcore progression grinds. They came to us because they were looking for something with a lighter schedule but with the same skill level and an active community outside of Raiding.

We will be adding this tier a couple Challenge Run Team's and a weekend openraid that will run on weekends or whenever teams are free.

Stuff we do outside of raiding:

Rated BG’s


Scavenger Hunts

Transmog Runs,

Achievement Runs

Recruitment Needs:

Blood DK Tank

Prot. Pally Tank

Elemental Shaman

Warlocks (all)

Mages (all)

Holy Paladins

Resto Shamans

Resto Druids

Mistweaver Monks

Priests (all specs)

Unholy DK's

DPS Warriors

Assassination Rogues

Exile - Alliance - US Sargeras (PvP) - JUST MOVED TO SARGERAS

A Premiere Alliance Guild - Home

Tier 15 25 man Progression 1/13 Heroic

Tier 14 25 man Progression 12/16 Heroic**

** We take time off for holidays (e.g.. we took 3 weeks off this christmas through new year)

Tier 14 Highlights: US #78 Heroic Imperial Vizier, US #93 Heroic Spirit Kings

US Raid Times - 12 Hours - 3 Nights – Tues/Wed/Thurs

8-12 EST Tuesday

8-12 EST Wednesday

8-12 EST Thursday

Be able to show up 10-15 minutes prior to the raid. 95% or higher attendance is a MUST.

Final Words:

You can find more information as well as file an application on our site at

Application Page

If you have any questions, I would be more than happy to talk to you and answer them. Message me on Blade’s Edge-US or alternatively contact me via RealID/Email (listed below) or one of my officers in game

Thank you for your time,


BATTLETAG: Leadbelly#1698 or email at

Recruitment Officers: Rhed, Grusk, Raanch, Tabos

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