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Old School Gamer Looking to raid and rise from the smolding ashes...once more!

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Updated since I only got a few responses....(H) Élïtê Gamêr L‰king 2 ®åïD

Old School gamer looking to raid 2-3 nights a week. Age 31.

MMOG Exp is extensive with over 7+ years game time from various MMO's and FPS (First Person Shooters), yes I am addicted. Starcraft 1 & 2, COD Call of Duty series, Battlefield series, Diablo series, Guild Wars MMO, civilization, age of Empires alpha centari, and many others =) 3 years alone just from WoW (most of that time is from vanilla and BC). Casually played during Wotk and Pandora. I normally maintain a 90% + attendance record.


Starcraft 1, played it hardcore for 3-4 years, was invited to play in several tournaments in South Korea...played some of the worlds best players in (BGH) Big Game Hunters and kicked their ass! Anyone remember Toyland channel????

Ranked 167th in Starcraft 2 the 2nd week it was out. Insane grind!

Currently ranked top 600 ( by points) in Call of Duty 3 Modern Warfare. Skill level running a 2.38 Kill/Death Radio (would be significantly higher if I didn't like to kill hackers and blow up their kill streaks with their damn auto aim hacks. I'm probably one of the few guys in the world that uses bullets to do it....its fucking insane!!!)

Cleared all content in Vanilla and BC. (got married after going through a divorce...which means ITS TIME TO RAID again! =) Stayed with the same guild for 3 years + from Vanilla to BC....I started raiding during the ZG days when the content was just released. In my previous guild we ranked top 1000 in the world during Vanilla. During Burning Crusades the guild ranked around 800 or so. After BC the guild server transferred and I wondered around the WoW community casually raiding or was a stand in raider for top guilds.

Addons and Wow news, I follow Elite Jerks, Joystiq, Noxxic, wowhead, wiki, mmo champion, curse, and many others.

I run my own business. I make a living selling video games/systems & accessories (from atari to PS3), comic books, action figures, autographs, memorabilia, movie posters and other collectibles. (I was a dealer at Philadelphia Comic Con last year 2012 ;) I literally eat, breath and live with video games.

Comp stock specs (meaning I have yet to overclock it )

Broadband cable (Comca$t)

Intel I7-3770K Ivy Bridge 3.5 GHz

PCI 3.0 EVGA Superclocked GTX 660 Ti ( will probably buy another one soon to run SLI)

G Skill Trident 32GB DDR3 1600 (8-8-8-24)

Gigabyte GA-277x-UD5H Motherboard

Windows 8 64 bit

Cool master Haf X RC 942 case

1000W Battery

Liquid nitrogen runs in my baby's veins... to keep everything nice and cool!

In Org I currently running at 60-80 FPS during peek hours.

What I am looking for in a guild, officers, and GL. Solid leadership. low/no drama. constructive criticism. The ability for the raid to easily transition to different boss strategies when on first time kills. (not sure if this really applies anymore)

What you get!~ A player that rarely dies by standing in sh^t, running over sh^t, getting breathed on by sh^t, pulling aggro by sh^t, and other just dumb sh^t! Pre raid, I watch all the video's for boss kills sometimes numerous times until I feel comfortable with the boss as well as read up on the strategy. I normally maintain a 90+ attendance record. (Only thing that will pull me out of raid on short notice is if the X comes over. My ultimate goal is to become the best lock on the server.

What kind of player am I.... I come prepared with flasks, pots, mats, and just about anything that will be needed in raid and to instantly upgrade/enchant weapons and armor when I receive new gear. I also carry plenty of extras for other raid members. I am helpful with other guildies; accomplish achievements, advice, or PVP or whenever someone needs help with something.

real ID Rumple4skin#1456

Scythç ç=Alt+ #1,3,5

Scythç @ Shadowsong - Community - World of Warcraft

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