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New Special Warning Sound Config

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Since this is a more advanced feature. It needs to be enabled first in options.

When will this feature be available?
Next public release of Deadly Boss Mods. Alternatively, you can test feature out now by using alpha version of mod right now.

Why do we have an enable for a feature like this?
It's a pretty complex feature and one that certainly clutters ui up. It may be more than what some users desire of their UI. It also may be confusing to new users who already have enough checkboxes and toggles when configuring boss mods to add all these additional sound options.

How to Enable?
Do /dbm then click on "Options" tab next to "Bosses" at top.
Then click "Special Warnings"
Click "Enable advanced sound options"
Reload your UI with "/console reloadui" or log out and back in again
Advanced options are now enabled.

How to Disable?
Same as Enable
NOTE: If you disable, it just hides the sound options next to each special warning. It will NOT revert changes to those sound options though.

Why do I only see 3 sound options?
This feature may not be enabled. Also, make sure you reloadedui or restarted WoW after enabling.

Why do I not hear my sound?
It's possible you selected a sound that is no longer on your system. Basically, you have an invalid sound selected in your special warning now. Make sure SharedMedia is loaded and a valid sound is selected in your special warning.

Why do sound names differ on different characters/accounts.?
The DBM duplicate filter removes duplicate sound paths so whatever addon is first mod to register a name with LibSharedmedia for sound file is one that wins. Some mods try to use consistent naming to ensure it lines up regardless of which mod registers first. Other mods like to name stuff different though. For example, on my paladin, clcinfo is earlier in alphabet so it registers "explosion" and "you will die" with "clcinfo" in name before Omen or DBM can register better names for them. Far as functionality is concerned though the correct sound will play regardless of what name won out in the sound list.

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