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[Feature Added] Horridion - marks for elite mobs / Dinomant

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is it possible to add a feature that marks automatically the spawning elite mobs which are jumping into the arena at the gates phases?

like -> giftpriests and so on..

We are marking them "by hand" and it would be a very useful feature for handle the complete raid focussing the targets.

Suggestion (at each gate):

Dinomant: skull

1st spawning elite: cross

2nd spawning elite: circle

3rd spawning elite: diamond

what do you think about that?



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dinomancer always skull. other adds will start at icon 7 and just work way down to 6 and 5. on 4th door, since it's complicated to reuse same icons on bear death and transferring them to shaman, it'll also use icons 4 and 3.

This has been added to 9578+

Option is turned OFF by default.

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