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[Feature Added] Ji-Kun LUA file edit. Change directions to colors.

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I'm looking at this


And wondering what part of it gets changed if I want it to tell me what color is active instead of what cardinal direction is active.

I know nothing about LUA ... but it seems simple enough to change ... I hope? I'm hoping someone can just point me to the right text to change and that this is an easy answer.

Thanks in advance.

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I like this idea, so it's already done. 9772+

NorthEast = "|cff0000ffNE|r",--Blue

SouthEast = "|cFF088A08SE|r",--Green

SouthWest = "|cFF9932CDSW|r",--Purple

West = "|cffff0000W|r",--Red

NorthWest = "|cffffff00NW|r",--Yellow

Middle = "|cffff0000M|r"--Red (Middle is just upper West)

this color order is chosen because it's order flares appear in from top to bottom and order nests are clockwise from first spawn nest which is always NE. so you set down raid flares starting at NE and go clockwise right down the menu. the colors will match DBM

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I decided to go even further beyond


the default setting is "never" since DBM doesn't know where your raid leader assigned you obviously. You choose location manually and dbm does the rest. It shows an arrow only when your assigned group has a nest activation and it points at that nest. Furthermore, the special warning for Flock is now smarter, IF you have a nest location defined, instead of giving special warning for all flocks it only gives it when YOUR nest is up. If arrow is set to never then the special warning falls back to it's previous design of ALL nests.

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