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Add count on timebars for certain spells

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First of all, sorry for my poor English as I am not an English speaker.

Nowdays every classes have personals and raid cooldowns, in an encounter at least one spell is designed to suit the players' cooldowns.

We have specWarnDischarge in CouncilofElders with a count now, it's nice.

To display a count on timebars for those spells would help so much on kills, especially on Heroic.

More spells should be supported, especially for those hit really hard, e.g. InterruptingJolt - DarkAnimus, CrashingStar - TwinConsorts, NuclearInferno - TwinConsorts, etc.

As well as supports in the future patches.


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interrupting jolt already has a counter

i can look at some of the others though

EDIT, interrupting jolt has number in timer and regular announce, special warning doesn't have count because it's a stpo casting warning. it's hard to do a count warning for announces that aren't generic spell announces, it requires much localizing.

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Thanks so much for your reply.

Number in timer is totally fine, dont really rely on special warnings in heroic raids, timer is much more useful to let people to get prepared for heavy AoEs. :D

Hope you can keep an eye on this (counter in timer) in the future.

Thanks so much again.

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