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[Alliance][Elune] <stalk and kill> US#15 10M 4hr/4d recruiting ranged DPS & healer

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stalk and kill started as a Quake clan back in 1999. A couple of the original members of sk eventually picked up WoW, and have raided in every single tier since the beginning. To say the least, we've always been a tight-knit group of people, even when integrating new members.

What we need (as of 07/26/2013):

We are looking for any of the following classes:

Mage: Be able to play all 3 three specs at a high level.

Shaman: Be able to play both Elemental and Restoration specs.

Paladin: Holy as a primary spec, whatever you like as an off-spec.

Warlock: Be able to play all 3 three specs at a high level.

NOTE: In all cases, you should possess the following:

Legendary meta.

Minimum of 530 ilvl.

A raid-ready alt that you are proficient with is a major plus.

Some heroic experience (don't need to have full cleared every raid tier, but some heroic bosses dead each tier)

Raid times:

Monday - Thursday: 8pm-Midnight EST

Unlike many other guilds, we pride ourselves on sticking to our raid schedule. In extremely rare cases, we tack on an extra 15 minutes for 1-2 more progression pulls, or to finish up farm content. In Tier 15, this happened only 3 times. The only time we will ever consider adding a 5th day is to ensure that heroic mode gets unlocked on the 2nd week when a new tier begins.


Don't be an idiot, pull your weight, and show up for raids. That about covers it.


We /roll on gear. Really. The "don't be a douche" method of loot distribution is by far the easiest and fairest way to distribute loot.

That being said, we will put the gear where it needs to go if a specific item drops.

How to Apply:

Toss up an application on our forums. Note that logs are required. If you don't have any, then please do not bother applying.

We do accept private applications. PM Izola with the application template on the forums.

EDIT: Feel free to contact me (Tobin#1599) via BattleTag with any questions.

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