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[Closed] Range Radar Freezing on Primordius

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I've had this issue for the past 3 weeks or so.

On Primordius when the 5 or 3 yard range radar pops up for the various abilities Primordius casts, my radar will freeze, I don't know how else to describe it. It takes a snapshot of my position and stays that way regardless if I move or anyone else around me moves. It doesn't update dynamically to show my actual position relative to anyone else in the raid.

I can "fix" it by manually typing /range 5 but that only makes it take a new snapshot, which still doesn't update at all.

Happens on both normal and heroic difficulties, and both 5 and 3 yard range checks.

DBM Version 5.3.6 alpha (r10117)

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that sounds like another mod is changing your map to a different zone and breaking range finder. dbm used to spam call "setmaptocurrentzone" but that just wastes cpu. it's better the user just find out what mod is messing with their map and disable/remove it. no good mod should be doing this during a boss encounter

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The only addons I have running besides DBM are:

Addon Control Panel



DBM only has the core and Throne of Thunder modules loaded






Prat 3.0



Xperl Unit Frames

I don't see how or why any of those would be changing my map.

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hard to say. i haven't looked at code for all of those. but what you are describing is what happens when map is set to WRONG zone. dbm only sets it to right zone when range frame is first opened, which is why hiding and showing fixes issue. just need to figure out what's changing your map to wrong zone in middle of the fight. you can probably fix it mid fight by manually opening and closing map in middle of fight, but figuring to what's causing it would be a bit more work, such as first doing fight wit ONLY dbm and seeing if you still have issues.

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