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Following Jessamy's example here.

This is the thread for simple questions that don't fit anywhere else. If your question applies to one of the existing thread topics, please post it there instead. If you expect to generate significant additional discussion, create a new thread. If, however, you have a simple question that only requires a simple answer and don't see a better place to post it, this is your thread.

Note that all forum rules other than the injunction against hand holding requests still apply in this thread, and that rule still applies everywhere else. Clear communication is important even in short posts. A short "no" or "choose trinket B" response to a question isn't helpful, and will receive an infraction -- briefly explain the why and how of things. The goal is to educate, not babysit.

I'll repeat the point I made in that last paragraph -- click this link and read the rules before posting, and follow them when you do post.

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