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Old Content Refactoring

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Over next few weeks I'm hoping to redo a ton of old mods little at a time to greatly reduce their localized dependance. Things like converting old 5 man mods to use auto localization off encounter journal (something that wasn't available back then). This will help greatly improve the old content mods language support, especially for languages we haven't always had particularly the best support for (such as french).

What this means though, is the possibility of new bugs popping up in mods that otherwise haven't been touched in years in some cases. Be on look out for odd behavior in old mods and please report them here if you see any.

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Progress Report:

BC 5 man mods already all converted to encounter journal

Wrath Mods already converted as well but the following languages are currently broken/not supported yet: kr, ru, de, tw.

Still to do:

1. Create mods for classic 5 mans that aren't yet supported (at the very least blank stubs that detect combat and save statistics.

2. Add more warnings to BC dungeons since many bosses have only ever been blank stubs that tracked stats.

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