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Celestial Tournament

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I spent a lot of time figuring out how to beat this thing, and I thought I would post my findings to help others out. I'm going to assume that anyone trying the tournament will have an adequate amount of level 25 pets and can easily dispatch of the first 3 trainers. This is what I used to beat the celestials:

Chi-Chi: Ghostly Skull, Pandaren Water Spirit, Chrominius.

Start with the skull and cast Death Coil 4 times (the third cast should be dodged). On your 5th turn, cast Unholy Ascension. If you have an extra turn from passive, cast Ghostly Bite, if you do not have the extra turn, don't worry. Bring in the water spirit and cast Geyser, cast Whirlpool, switch to Chrominius. With Chrominius, cast howl. Hopefully Chi-Chi will be dead, if not, cast Surge of Power.

Yu'La: Kun-Lai Runt x2, Harbinger of Flame (any pet with some sort of big nuke will work here).

Start with a runt and cast Frost Shock, Deep Freeze, Takedown. Keep using Takedown until Yu'la goes up into the air. Use Frost Shock when he lands. If I recall, you will still have 1 turn left on Deep Freeze's cooldown, so cast Takedown again. Your runt should die here, bring in your second runt, and cast Deep Freeze, Takedown, keep casting Takedown unless Yu'la is in the air. Use Frost Shock and Deep Freeze if you can again. Last pet is there to clean up if needed.

Xu-Fu: Tranquil Mechanical Yeti, Clockwork Rocket Bot, Menagerie Custodian (any mechanical pet with a nuke can work here).

Start with the yeti and cast Call Lightning. Cast Metal Fist. If Xu-Fu has missed at anytime yet, cast another Metal Fist, if not, cast Ion Cannon. Bring in the rocket bot, spam cast Batter. Clean up with your third pet if necessary.

Zao: Unborn Val'kyr, Darkmoon Tonk, Pocket Reaver (any mechanical pet that can hit hard can work here).

Start with the Val'kyr and cast Curse of Doom. Cast Shadow Slash until you are about to die. Cast Unholy Ascension and cast Shadow Slash on your bonus turn. Bring in your tonk and cast Shock and Awe. Cast Ion Cannon if you think Zao is in kill range (650ish hp), otherwise, cast Missle. Clean up with your third pet if necessary.

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I wrote this for another place, but will repost here.

The tournament is pretty cool so far. You're limited in that you can't heal your pets inside the scenario, so the key is to have the right group going in.

If something goes unexpectedly, try using a similar pet for a second attempt, if you have it.

I've tried to indicate which pets may be good alternates, but since this is a end-game pet battle tournament, I'm not focusing on trying to find alternatives for some of the harder to get pets. So go farm an Unborn Valkyr.

I'll add in Trainer Groups 2 and 3 as I face them.

For the first part of the tournament, you face one group of 3 trainers. The groups are group comps static, but which group you face changes weekly.

The second part of the tournament is against the celestials, which are the same every week.

Trainer Group 1:

Lorewalker Cho

Mana Wyrmling - Drain Power / Mana Surge (Arcane Eye, Shimmering Wyrmling)

Spirit of Summer - Flame Breath (Searing Scorchling, Fel Flame)

Minfernal - Crush / Meteor Strike (Netherspace Abyssal)

Battle Pet Team Calculator - World of Warcraft

Cast Drain Power and then Mana Surge. Fill in with Feedback, if you're still alive.

Just cast Flame Breath until you are dead.

Use Crush until the dragon buffs itself, and then Meteor Strike to avoid taking damage.

Sully "The Pickle" McLeary

Shimmershell Snail - Acidic Goo / Dive / Ooze Touch (Any Snail will do)

Fluxfire Feline - Pounce / Prowl

Yellow Moth - Alpha Strike / Cocoon Strike / Moth Balls (Any Moth will do)

Battle Pet Team Calculator - World of Warcraft

Use Acidic Goo and then Dive. Finish with Oooze Touch until you die.

Use Pounce until the rabbit burrows, and then Prowl, then go back to Pounce until you die.

Start with Moth Balls, then Cocoon Strike, and then Alpha Strike. Repeat that cycle until the Otter is dead.

Dr. Ion Goldbloom

Mini Mindslayer - Inner Vision / Mana Surge / Life Exchange

Proto-Drake Whelp - Breath / Proto-Strike (Emerald Proto-Whelp)

Any Mech with Metal Fist (Pocket Reaver, Tranquil Mechanical Yeti, Tiny Harvester)

Battle Pet Team Calculator - World of Warcraft

Start with Inner Vision, then use Mana Surge. Screamer will swap himself out for the Direhorn, hit Inner Vision until you think one more hit will take you to about 100 health, and then cast Life Exchange. Mana Surge again.

Cast Breath whenever you can. When the Wisp buffs itself, use Proto-Strike.

You probably won't need it, but use your Mech to spam Metal Fist until everything is dead.

Trainer Group 2

Trainer Group 3



Unborn Valkyr - Curse of Doom / Unholy Ascension

Sunreaver Sentry - Call Lightning / Fel Immolate / Haywire

Any Mech with Metal Fist (Pocket Reaver, Tranquil Mechanical Yeti, Tiny Harvester)

Battle Pet Team Calculator - World of Warcraft

Start with Curse of Doom, and then kill yourself with Unholy Ascension

Cast Call Lightning in response to his Moonfire. Apply some dots with Fel Immolate, and then hit Haywire if you're still alive

Spam Metal Fist until he's dead.


Zandalari Anklerender - Black Claw / Hunting Party

Zandalari Footlasher - Exposed Wounds / Hunting Party

Zandalari Kneebiter - Black Claw / Hunting Party

Battle Pet Team Calculator - World of Warcraft

Just spam Black Claw and Hunting party, and the Ox will fall quickly, even if he gets off a 50% health restore.


Sen'jin Fetish - Wild Magic / Flame Breath (Voodoo Figurine, Fetish Shaman)

Toxic Wasteling - Acidic Goo / Corrosion / Ooze Touch (Disgusting Oozeling, Jade Oozeling, Oily Slimling)

Enchanted Lantern - Beam / Flash / Light (Festival Lantern, Lunar Lantern)

Battle Pet Team Calculator - World of Warcraft

Cast Wild Magic, spam Flame Breath until you die, and then cast Wild Magic again.

Use Acidic Goo until it sticks, then Corrosion, then spam Ooze Touch

Flash to blind Chi-Chi, and then Light to finish him off.


Kun-Lai Runt - Takedown / Frost Shock / Deep Freeze

Quraji Guardling - Crush / Blackout Kick (Tideskipper)

Peddlefeet - Lovestruck / Bow Shot / Shot Through the Heart (Mini Tyrael)

Battle Pet Team Calculator - World of Warcraft

Start with the Runt, use the cheesy Frost Shock -> Deep Freeze -> Takedown combo. Cast

Takedown until you're dead, by then Resilience should be worn off.

Guardling should Blackout Kick on cooldown, spamming Crush otherwise.

Peddlefeet should use Lovestruck on cooldown, filling in with Bow Shot. Use Shot Through the Heart when Yu'la evades.

Lil Tommy Newcomer

Sunreaver Micro-Sentry - Fel Immolate / Haywire / Call Lightning

Darkmoon Tonk - Shock & Awe / Ion Cannon (Menagerie Custodian)

Darkmoon Zeppelin - Missile / Decoy

Battle Pet Team Calculator - World of Warcraft

He's not part of the tournament, but he's a daily for 500 coins, and Lil Oondasta is cool.

Start with Call Lightning. Oondsata will do a forced pet swap, moving in Darkmoon Tonk.

Cast Shock & Awe, and then Ion Cannon. Bring back in the Sunreaver Micro-Sentry, cast Call Lightning again, then Hawyire.

If you're still alive, spam Fel Immolate until you die. With Darkmoon Zeppelin cast Decoy, and then spam Missile.

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I like how there are multiple ways of beating the various bosses.

I used:


- Scourged Whelpling x2

- Harbinger of Flame


- Gilded Moth

- Zandalari Kneebiter

- Summit Kid


- Rapanna Whelk

- Shimmerbead Snail

- Nether Roach


- Mechanical Pandaran Dragonling

- Ashwing Moth

- Effervescent Glowfly

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Today marked the 3rd week of the Celestial Tournament, and thus the 3rd set of Trainers. This week had Shademaster Kiryn, Blingtron 4000, and Wise Mari.

Shademaster Kiryn
Her pets are:

Nairn - Humanoid (Giant's Blood/Call of Winter/Nairn!)
Stormoen - Mechanical (Batter/Call Lightning/Build Turret)
Summer - Beast (Bite/Dodge/Prowl)

For Shademaster, I used a team of:

Unborn Val'kyr (Shadow Shock/Curse of Doom/Haunt)
Tolai Hare Pup (Flurry/Dodge/Stampede)
Disgusting Oozeling (Ooze Touch/Corrosion/Acidic Goo)

3rd slot can be pretty much whatever as long as it has dots. Any Oozeling types are great, though.

Lead with the Val'kyr. Curse of Doom, then Haunt. Switch to Tolai Hare Pup, use Dodge, then Stampede. Nairn should melt after this.
When Stormoen switches in, go back to the Val'kyr and use Haunt. Switch to the Tolai Hare Pup and use Dodge, then Stampede. Stormoen should die, but your Tolai Hare Pup will probably die to the turret damage.
Summer will switch in and lead off with Dodge, then Prowl into Bite. Switch to Val'kyr for him and spam Shadow Shock until you die, then cast Haunt. Switch to Oozeling, use Acidic Goo then Corrosion. Spam Ooze Touch if it doesn't die to dot damage.

There might be a better way to handle Kiryn, but I found abusing Haunt/Call Lightning/Stampede worked wonders. It's just a team I threw together without any thought and found out it worked anyway.

If you don't have the luxury of an Unborn Val'kyr, there's another good (and perhaps safer) team. Didn't come up with this one, all credit goes to Madlax on Wowhead:

Blitz/Deflection/Kick S/S Flayer Youngling(325 speed)(A 260 speed flayer will do fine also, but anything past 272 can kick the mech and go first)
Tidal Wave/Leech Seed Terrible Turnip
Demolish/Deflection Anubisath Idol

Just kick his Giant's Blood(which he uses on CD), grind him down with the Flayer and don't bother using Deflection.
Your Flayer should be at decent health when you reach the mech(600+ish), Deflect his first move(which is Call Lightning, Kick the turret(comes second) and just Blitz.
Once your flayer dies, Turnip uses Leech Seed and grinds him down with Wave also destroying the Turrets.
Your Turnip should win, but might die - not too much of a hassle if either happens.
Anubisath gets to nothing till after Prowl, Deflect and then just smash him.
You can also use Stoneskin since there is nothing to do in the first 3 rounds anyway.

Blingtron 4000
His pets are:

Au - Elemental (Gilded Fist/Goldskin/Gold Rush)
Banks - Critter (Make it Rain/Uncanny Luck/Buried Treasure)
Lil' B - Mechanical (SMACKTHAT.EXE/Extra Plating/Blingtron Gift Package)

For Blingtron 4000, I used a team of:

Eternal Strider (Water Jet/Cleansing Rain/Pump)
Fluxfire Feline (Pounce/Overtune/Prowl)
Fel Flame (Burn/Scorched Earth/Conflagrate)

Lead with the Strider. Cleansing Rain, Pump, Pump again, then Water Jet. Au should be dead at this point. If your Strider is still alive when Banks comes in, spam Water Jet til you die.
Switch to Fluxfire for Banks. Overtune, Prowl, then spam Pounce til Banks is dead. If your Fluxfire is still alive when Lil' B comes in, use Overtune then Pounce til you die.
Switch to Fel Flame for Lil' B. Scorched Earth, Conflagrate on CD, otherwise spam Burn.

The reason I use a Fluxfire instead of a normal Beast pet is twofold. One, Banks' Make it Rain is Mechanical damage. Two, Fluxfire has Prowl and Beast abilities. You can skip the Overtune step if you want and just use Claw, but I find Overtuning into Pounce (guaranteed higher speed, thus the 2nd strike) is better damage.

Wise Mari
His pets are:

Carpe Diem - Aquatic (Grasp/Cleansing Rain/Dreadful Breath)
Spirus - Magic (Arcane Blast/Healing Wave/Soul Ward)
River - Elemental (Whirlpool/Pump/Dive)

For Wise Mari, I used a team of:

Anubisath Idol (Demolish/Sandstorm/Deflection)
Wild Jade Hatchling (Tail Sweep/Roar/Lift-Off)
Eternal Strider (Water Jet/Cleansing Rain/Pump)

Lead with Anubisath Idol. Sandstorm on CD to counter the Cleansing Rain/Dreadful Breath combo, otherwise spam Demolish. Keep Anubisath Idol in til it dies (I nearly soloed the whole team with it).
Sandstorm on CD and Demolish spam when Spirus comes out. RNG permitting, you'll either kill him or get him low enough for your Jade Hatchling to finish the job. Just spam Tail Sweep with your Hatchling.
Keep your Hatchling in for River, if it didn't die. Roar on turn 1, Lift-Off on turn 2 (to avoid the Whirlpool/Dive combo), then just spam Tail Sweep. If your Hatchling dies, switch to your Eternal Strider, Pump twice then spam Water Jet.

I use Demolish over Crush with the Anubisath because it's much higher damage. You won't actually miss with it as much as you'd think, especially with Sandstorm active. You'll miss probably as often as you would if you had Crush, honestly.

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This wasn't my original strategy for Yu'la, but someone else suggested it so I gave it a try and it worked well. Mr. Bigglesworth can solo Yu'la:

Claw > Ice Tomb > Ice Barrier > Pass > Claw until Ice Tomb available and repeat whole process untill Yu'la is dead

Originally for Yu'la I was duo'ing him with Peddlefeet + Hopling using stuns and backflips to keep him under control, but the single pet strategy is fun to do at least once.

Chi Chi


I have two different strats:

Lambs to the Slaughter: Use lambs with Sleep>Chew>Stampede cycles. The Sleep hits at the end of the turn before Ethereal is cast, so it defers it till after chew hits with the debuff up. Being critters, they take less damage from quills as well. You can keep a heavy hitter (something with surge of power) for the 3rd pet if you are worried, just be sure not to cast it on an ethereal turn like I do sometimes.

The other strat was suggested to me and it works well:

Senjin Fetish: Wild Magic > Rot > Switch to stampede critter > Stampede (3 rounds) > switch to Senjin Fetish and repeat. The switches should happen on Ethereal turns.



I duo him with Pand. Mech Dragonling + Darkmoon Zepp. Start with the dragonling and bombing run and breath him until the turn that he will activate your failsafe and use decoy (or if you feel feed will be used earlier, use it a turn earlier). Bombing Run & Breath until he kills you. With this you should have established his "feed" cooldown. Missile with the Zepp until the turn before feed and use Decoy there to keep him from healing. Missile until the turn where he will activate your failsafe and use explode so you get it off. This usually kills him without needing a third pet.



CoDoom user (use on rebirth round) + Pand. Water Spirit (Geyser > Whirlpool) + Switch to bird with flock

This works pretty consistently for me.

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For either Zao or Xu-Fu:

Do Xu-Fu first (as he does a little less damage to the Yeti and lets you use your Yeti again on Zao.)

You will need two infected squirrels for this strat, and the aforementioned mechanical Yeti.

Infected Squirrel: mushroom dot, stampede through death. Reapply mushroom dot if you have a spare round, but ensure that stampede is the last ability used on undead round.

Mechanical Yeti: Call lightning, then ion cannon. Battle done.

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Bit of a big post here, but as I thought I'd post some thoughts on all the CT bosses...

Xu-Fu, Legendary Pet:

1. Fox (any kind) with Bite, Howl, Dazzling Dance

2. Zandalari Kneebiter / Anklerender with Hunting Party & Black Claw, P/P breed

3. Darkmoon Tonk with Ion Cannon

Use the fox to first do Dazzling Dance, then Bite, then Howl. Xu-Fu kills the fox, giving you a free pet swap. Bring in the Zandalari dino to use Black Claw & then Hunting Party. When it dies, the Tonk can one-shot Xu-Fu without taking any damage.

Zao, Legendary Pet:

Same team setup as Xu-Fu, only the Zandalari dino & fox are normally enough to two-man (two-pet?) this boss. Tonk is for backup in case it goes wrong.

Yu'la, Legendary Pet:

Use Mr Bigglesworth to solo it. Ability rotation is as mentioned earlier in the thread: Claw, Ice Tomb, Ice Barrier, pass turn, Claw until Yu'la re-casts her damage reduction shield, then Ice Tomb etc.

Note: Use Claw, not Pounce, because Yu'la's shield makes Pounce do sod all damage.

Chi-Chi, Legendary Pet:

1. Unborn Val'kyr with Unholy Ascension.

2. Snail (any) with Shell Shield, Ooze Touch, Dive.

3. Another snail, same abilities.

The Val'kyr won't do much damage - its main job is to get off Unholy Ascension without Chi-Chi dodging it. After that use the snails' Ooze Touch to kill Chi-Chi - who will do very poor damage back thanks to their Shell Shield and innate resistance to elemental attacks. Consider refreshing Shell Shield when Chi-Chi uses Ethereal (or you can Dive).

+ + +

Taran Zhu, Trainer:

1. Murkablo, with Bone Prison & Agony

2. Crawling Claw with Agony, Curse of Doom & Ancient Blessing

3. Disgusting Oozeling with Absorb & Acidic Goo

The trick here is to remember that Taran Zhu's 1st pet does critter damage - lethal against undead pets (if you don't have Murkablo, just use the filter to include pets that do undead damage but exclude actual undead pets - it spat out 69 pets for me, so there should be some options there for you :) ). Anyway, dot him up, ignore his stun, and you should win handily when he feigns death to bring his next pet into play.

The second pet is normally one that heals for "350 + 1/2 last hit taken". I soften it up with Murkablo, then use the Crawling Claw to DoT it up and just wait until CoA & CoD kill it. The third pet has a -100% hit chance debuff, but you should be able to get your DoTs off with Crawling Claw before it dies. Bring out the Oozeling, watch it get blinded, then watch that final pet die as the DoTs finish.

Chen Stormstout, Trainer:

1. Mini Thor, with Missile, Toxic Smoke, Launch Rocket (plenty of other mech pets have these abilities, so if you don't have him don't worry)

2. Flayer Youngling, with Triple Snap, Deflection, Kick, S/S breed

3. Aquatic Pet with Rip, Surge, Blood in the Water (eg crocolisk pets from the Shattrath fishing dailies)

A couple of rockets are enough to kill the Mushan beast pet. Leave Mini Thor in to die against the cricket, which will use its instant CC on Mini Thor. Now bring out that Flayer Youngling and Deflect its Locust Swarm whenever you see it charge (you won't be able to kick this cricket BTW, it's too fast, but Deflection always goes first). Against the final elemental pet you can use Kick though. Whilst your Flayer Youngling will likely die, the more damage it can do here the better. Finally, bring out the aquatic pet and use Rip followed by Blood in the Water. Perhaps a Surge or two may be needed to finish it off if you've been unlucky.

Wrathion, Trainer:

1. Red Cricket, with Skitter, Cocoon Strike, Nature's Touch

2. Deathy, with Punch, Call Darkness, Clobber

3. Flayer Youngling, with Blitz, Deflection, Kick, S/S breed

Use Skitter twice, then Cocoon Strike to avoid the Ice Tomb, Skitter again, then Nature's Touch. That should kill off the undead dragon, so do as much damage as you can against the red dragon before your cricket is roasted. Now use Deathy to reduce the red dragon's healing done (ie Call Darkness) and Clobber / Punch it to death. For the final pet I start with Clobber & keep Punching until the Elementium Bolt hits & Deathy dies. Bring out the Flayer Youngling to finish it off.

If you don't have Deathy then there are quite a few other pets with Call Darkness (reduced healing done AND it's humanoid damage? Yes please!). Just don't use magical or mechanical pets though, or the red dragon WILL eat them for breakfast.

Blingtron 4000, Trainer:

1. Eternal Strider, with Pump, Healing Wave, Water Jet, P/S breed

2. Cinder Kitten, with Claw/Rend and Immolate (other Elementals with beast attacks are available :P )

3. Fel Flame, with Burn, Immolate, Conflagrate (or similar elemental with big nukes)

Get one Pump off, heal, and get another off to deal with the first elemental. When the Eternal Strider dies, swap to the Cinder Kitten and carve up his mechanical-damage-dealing critter. Use Immolate on the final mechanical pet to deal as much damage as possible before the Cinder Kitten dies. Finish up with an elemental pet with big elemental damage nukes, because the final pet likes to take reduced damage and can heal for a lot.

Lorewalker Cho, Trainer:

1. Infinite Whelpling, with Tail Sweep, Healing Flame, Darkflame, P/P breed

2. Flayer Youngling, with Blitz, Deflection, Kick, S/S breed

3. Scourged Whelpling, with Tail Sweep, Call Darkness, Plagued Blood, P/S breed

I used the heal on my Infinite Whelpling on CD, and killed the flying pet without too much trouble. When the Infinite Whelpling dies, bring out the Scourged Whelpling and use Darkness, Plagued Blood, and Tail Sweep spam. Your Scourged Whelpling will likely die, but as it's undead it'll kill the broom too thanks to its guaranteed bonus attacks. Finally, use the Youngling to deal with the final dragon pet - nothing special here.

Wise Mari, Trainer:

3 Zandalari Anklerenders / Kneebiters, all P/P breed with Hunting Party and Black Claw

Yeah okay, I admit to cheesing this one :P . Who needs tactics when you can have overpowered zerg rushes :P ? Note that his magical pet's block ability only stops one mini-wave of Hunting Party, meaning the other two that turn still get through & hurt him (and debuff him).

Sully McLeary, Trainer:

1. Swamp Croaker, with Tongue Lash, Swarm of Flies, Bubble

2. Kun-Lai Runt, with Trash, Frost Shock, Deep Freeze, P/S breed

3. Mei Lei Sparkler, with Slicing Wind, Cocoon Strike, Swarm (or any similar flying bug)

Pop Bubble, and get Swarm of Flies up. Then spam Tongue Lash until that undead pet dies. Let the rabbit's burrow attack kill your frog, which saves your Kun-Lai Runt from it, and let's you just Thrash it to death. Try a Frost Shock / Deep Freeze combo now, but if it fails, never mind. Time to spam Swarm, because even with the enemy pet's hit chance reduction, enough waves will hit it to kill it unless you've got a nasty streak of bad luck.

Dr Ion Goldbloom, Trainer:

1. Nether Faerie Dragon, with Arcane Blast, Evanescence, Moonfire, P/P breed

2. Soul of the Aspects, with Breath, Deflection, Surge of Light

3. Clockwork Gnome, with Metal Fist, Blitz, Launch Rocket

One of the more annoying trainers to deal with in my experience. Pop Evanescence so you avoid the Lift-Off at the start, then Moonfire, and then swap to the Clockwork Gnome as it'll feign death now. Spam rockets against the direhorn, and if your Clockwork Gnome still dies, bring back the Nether Dragon in the free swap-in to Arcane Blast it. With the direhorn dead, that bird will be brought in, only to feign death, so don't be fooled, and bring out the Soul of the Aspects instead. Use Deflection sensibly and hope for a little luck, because that Instability power hits like a freight train when it does actually hit (50% chance).

If you find yourself facing Goldbloom in the Tournament, take him on first, because you don't want your pets to die on him after beating the other two trainers first - waste of time.

Shademaster Kiryn, Trainer:

1. Zandalari Kneebiter, with Hunting Party, Black Claw, Bloodfang, P/P breed

2. Pandaren Fire Spirit, with Magma Wave, Flamethrower, Conflagrate

3. Clockwork Gnome, with Metal Fist & Launch Rocket

Black Claw, Hunting Party and a single Bloodfang Attack will suffice to kill the humanoid pet. Note that this humanoid pet has a nasty critter attack, so undead pets here are not advised. Get the Pandaren Fire Spirit out now and start with Magma Wave for the enemy mechanical pet to destroy its turret ASAP. With the turret gone, the rest of the fight should be no problem. Against the final beast pet, just be sure not to waste rockets when it dodges (keep track of the ability cooldown). Always nice popping Black Claw up here too, although that'll almost certainly result in a dead Zandalari dino (but free swap, so yay!).

Lil' Tommy Newcomer, Trainer:

Not technically in the Celestial Tournament, but never mind. Just get 3 mechanical pets with Shock and Awe, and Ion Cannon (eg Darkmoon Tonks or Menagerie Custodians). Use Shock & Awe whenever Lil' Oondasta isn't immune to CC, otherwise Missile / Zap. When you know you're going to die, time to call in an Ion Cannon strike.

+ + +

Duplicate Pets:

Flayer Youngling with S/S breed: Between Kick & Deflection, these guys can very easily dominate a fight simply by avoiding so much damage. The downside is that actually finding an S/S breed when there are 10 (!) possible breeds and only one small farming spot... yeah, not fun.

Zandalari Anklerenders & Kneebiters with P/P breed: These things are just horribly effective against so many opponents it's crazy. I've got 3 of each (in case the Wise Mari "guide" wasn't obvious enough :D ), and love them. Also fun when they get taken below 50% health and enrage: I've seen these guys do 600+ non-crit hits on legendary critters with the 50% damage reduction before now.

+ + +

Useful Addons:

PetJournal Enhanced: Great for organising your pets, finding useful ones for a particular trainer, etc.

PetBattle Teams: A lovely quality of life addon for the Celestial Tournament. Note that it saves not only the pets but their chosen abilities, so make sure to pick the right abilities before you lock the team.

PetBattle Info: Lets me see enemy pet breeds & cooldowns in battle. Great for avoiding screwing up Unholy Ascension on Chi-Chi etc.

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As a suggestion, the pet that I've found works startlingly well against Shademaster Kiryn's second pet (the mechanical cat) is the humble Terrible Turnip. The cat will Call Lightning against you and then pop out a turret. Just Submerge and use Sons of the Root or whatever its called. Their elemental damage is great against a mechanical, you get the lightning storm damage kicker on top of that, plus you get to ignore the first 3 rounds of the turret. Lastly, you can still finish it off with Subduing strike if need be because the Lightning Damage will do the final 1 point for you.

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How does he fare against the last pet? I ask because I lead off with a S/S Death Adder Hatchling which pretty much neuters the first pet, but am still looking for something to do both the mechanical and the beast. I got the broom to work well against the mech cat (sandstorm takes out call lightning) and the wave like ability takes out the turrets if needed, but it didn't fare as well against the beast.

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This is a guide I had been putting up for guildies.  Thought I'd toss it in here as well.  I currently average using about 15-16 pets total for the tourney each week.  I'll try to remember to add more when I get around to it.


The Beauty of Bigglesworth!!  How to solo Yu'La with Kel'Thuzad's best friend!
        Bigglesworth is faster than Yu'La, so you always get to go first each round.
                Abilities to use:
                        Ice Barrier
                        Ice Tomb
        Breakdown by round:
                1.  Claw, Yu'La will cast Emerald Presence for damage reduction.
                2.  Ice Tomb, Yu'La will fly up in the air
                3.  Ice barrier, Yu'La will swoop down and get blocked.
                4.  PASS.  Yu'La will attack and be blocked.  Ice Tomb will land and stun Yu'La for one round.
                5.  Claw.  Yu'La will be stunned this round.
                6.  Claw.  Yu'La will attack and hit you.
                7.  Repeat.
        That's all there is to it.  Bigglesworth can solo Yu'La easily.  On my worst attempt so far (several misses), Biggy had 100 health left at the end, which means one more rotation through all of this plus one more round since he is undead.


Chi Chi, One Hot Hooter!
        Any undead with Unholy Ascension should work.  I use the Unborn Val'kyr.
                Abilities to use:
                        Shadow Shock
                        Curse of Doom
                        Unholy Ascension
        I follow that up with Rapana Whelk, because it has an ability to increase damage, a dive ability, and is strong against Chi-Chi's main attack.
                Abilities to use:
                        Ooze Touch
                        Acidic Goo
        The third pet is not likely to see much action, so I pick a random critter.  So far, I have only ever had to attack it once with the third pet to finish it off.
        The breakdown for this fight is less mechanical.  Chi-Chi will lead off with tranquility, which will heal all the damage you can deal for a few rounds.  
                1.  I typically hit him with Shadow Shock until he casts Ethereal and dodges one attack, then cast Curse of Doom.  
                2.  I keep hitting with Shadow Shock until he 'kills' the undead, and on the extra round for being undead, use Unholy Ascension to boost your damage against him by 25%.  Then bring out the Whelk.
                3.  Use Acidic Goo (usually he casts Ethereal and dodges the first one)
                4.  Dive.  With the 25% damage from Acidic Goo plus the 25% from Unholy Ascension, this usually comes close to killing him if it hits.
                5.  Spam Ooze touch, and reapply Acidic Goo if needed until he is dead.
        That should get him down.  If you miss on the dive, you may need to hit him a time or two with the third pet, so either pick one strong vs birds or a critter to resist the elemental attack damage.

How Now, Zao Cow??
        I start with the Pandaren Water Spirit.  He usually gets off three rounds of attacks before he dies.
                Abilities to use:
                        Water Jet
        Then I bring in a Fox, any variety of Fox should do, as well as pretty much anything with Howl or even Stampede-like abilities.  The idea is to get the double damage when Geyser and Whirlpool go off.  For best results, bring one that is faster than Zao if possible.
                Abilities to use:
                        Dazzling Dance
        The third pet in this case is also unlikely to see any action, so I bring along a Darkmoon Tonk just in case, since it does extra damage to beasts.  By the time you'd get to pet 3, however, Wish has probably gone off, and you're hosed.
          Very straight-forward fight, and a miss by Zao can be just as frustrating as a miss by your pet.  If the Water Spirit doesn't die in time, Howl will not go off in time.
                1.  Cast Geyser.
                2.  Cast Whirlpool.
                3.  You can either cast Water Jet, or you can swap to the fox.  Swapping will probably make your third pet get involved for a hit.  If Zao misses after you cast Water Jet, the Water Spirit will not die, and you will not get Howl off in time.
                4.  Howl.  Geyser and Whirlpool will go off, stunning Zao for one round.
                5.  Bite.  Zao will be stunned this round.
                6.  Bite.  This should finish him.  If you went conservative and swapped at step 3 instead of attacked, he will cast Wish this round, so hopefully your pet can finish him off before the end of the next round.

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As a suggestion, the pet that I've found works startlingly well against Shademaster Kiryn's second pet (the mechanical cat) is the humble Terrible Turnip. The cat will Call Lightning against you and then pop out a turret. Just Submerge and use Sons of the Root or whatever its called. Their elemental damage is great against a mechanical, you get the lightning storm damage kicker on top of that, plus you get to ignore the first 3 rounds of the turret. Lastly, you can still finish it off with Subduing strike if need be because the Lightning Damage will do the final 1 point for you.

Not only that, but it also has Tidal Wave, which can destroy the Turrets. I did something similar with Lil' Ragnaros, since they both basically have the same moveset, in this regard.

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Foolproof Zao Strat:


Zandalari Anklerender/Kneebiter x2. Black Claw, Hunting Party (dies) Hunting Party. Dead cow.


Yula Strat:


Clock'em. Jab until liftoff. Dodge. Should win with ~100hp left.

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