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[Horde] [Mal'Ganis] <Nexus> LFM 25M HM

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About us

Nexus (Mal'ganis - Horde) consists of a merger between two guilds that had success in WotLK and Cata : <Aint Misbehavin> and <Social Terrorism>.

Many of our raiders come from top end guilds such as Vigil, Simple Math, V A N Q U I S H, and other top50 guilds.

We raid three nights a week for four hours each night and because of our "short" raiding schedule we hold our members to incredibly high standards. We always focus on having a good time, and to that extent we expect mistakes to be limited in both number and repetition. The majority of our members play other games outside of World of Warcraft, utilizing team-play and strategy to overcome all opponents.

This isn't just a guild of people raiding together online, it's a guild built on friendships made while enjoying a game we all play. Our members tend to be overly friendly, and so anyone joining should know that jesting should be taken lightly.

Our goals are the same as before, get good progression ranks and enjoy playing the game with solid raiders.

Raid Times

Currently, we raid three nights a week: Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday from 7:30 to 11:30 p.m. CST. Raid invites begin 20 minutes prior to the raid, and raids start precisely at 7:30.

Loot System

We do not use DKP. Loot is determined by a Loot Council. Not using dkp eliminates hoarding, people taking off spec loot over mains, people not taking upgrades, new raiders not being able to get loot for weeks, and various other problems that lend themselves to a lot of drama, and allows us to take into consideration other factors that dkp does not allow.

Current Recruitment

We maintain a small roster and are not recruiting for people to be backup raiders. As such, we are not particularly interested in people who come with limitations on their raid schedule. Right now our class needs are as follows :


-- Closed --


Retribution Paladin

Frost Death Knight

Combat Rogue

Enhancement Shaman

Feral Druid

Elemental Shaman

Fire/Frost/Arcane Mage

Affliction/Destruction Warlock

BM Hunter

Shadow Priest

Balance Druid


Restoration Shaman

Restoration Druid

Discipline Priest

Mistweaver Monk

Holy Paladin

Our expectations

Individual Knowledge: Know your class inside-out, and showcase that knowledge via performance. Study, understand and analyze boss encounters. We seek players who quickly grasp the bigger picture of an encounter rather than just memorize the necessary steps to succeed.

Performance: Go above and beyond. Perform in situations where others are counting on you to do your job and maintain a can-do attitude in the face of criticism and wipes.

Socializing: Have a good sense a humor. A microphone is required to join, so you might as well use it once in a while.

If you wish to join us, contact me on Real-id : Fredz#1741

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