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[A][Turalyon] <Singularity> (7/14H) Looking for Shadow Priest + Elemental Shaman

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Singularity is looking for a couple of experienced players to join our roster for Siege of Orgrimmar heroic progression and beyond.

We're a well organised team with a 3 day raid schedule and aim for quality over quantity when it comes to time spent inside instances.

We're currently interested in hearing from:

  • Shadow Priest
  • Elemental Shaman

Raid Schedule:

Wednesday: 19:45-23:15
Thursday: 19:45-23:15
Sunday: 19:45-23:15

Please note that we're not recruiting for bench warmers, if you're successful you will be expected to cover a full time spot in the team and be available on all three days.

What we can offer:

  • Enjoyable and effective raiding
  • Performance feedback, to help you get the most from your class and help the raid get the most from your presence in the team
  • Guild bank support
  • Participation in a guild food bank
  • Drama-free loot distribution


  • A strong knowledge of your class and how to maximise performance in each encounter
  • Appropriate gear, gems, enchants and reforging for raiding current content
  • Character professions suitable for raiding
  • High attendance
  • A headset and the inclination to use it!


If you've any questions feel free to approach Ash, Elmayna or Donks in game.

To get more information or to apply please visit Singularity - Turalyon-EU / Alliance

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