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[Horde][Tichondrius-US]<Accelerate> 12/14 Heroic 25m SoO ~ M/T/W/Th (630-10pm Pacific)

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<Accelerate> is a Horde guild located on Tichondrius-US.  We are now 12/14H progression and looking to still push as far as we can this tier and beyond into Warlords.  Although our roster has become pretty solid, as well as stable, we are still accepting applications for the following:


**We do not have any of the following in our core roster currently**


Feral Druid

Holy Pally

Resto Druid

Warrior DPS


**We do not have any of the following in our core raider roster OR core trial roster currently**


Feral Druid

Holy Pally


Spots are limited to those who perform at a higher level than average. Player is expected to be geared enough for heroics with an ilvl of 565, preferably 570's. Would like to do a vent interview after your btag request or application is received. Forums are checked often if your application is submitted on our website. You do not need to be the same progression as us to apply for a raid spot.


Raid times are Mon-Thurs 6:30 pm - 10 pm Server Time (PST)

If interested, add Mariame#1624 or apply at


WE BELIEVE IN HAVING A HEALTHY ROSTER OF 28 CORE MEMBERS; classes may be used for certain first kills, but overall, we all love raiding together and usually all get to raid.


Other Raid groups:


Friday 25 man raid group that is currently 3/14 Heroic.  Raid times are Friday 7-Midnight Server Time (PST) with a pickup on Sunday from 7-10pm Server Time (PST) usually for Garrosh kill.  Min level requirement is 550.  Currently looking for healers and dps.


Oz Raiders 10 man Raid group doing normals.  Raid times are Wed and Sunday 8-Midnight Server Time (PST) looking for 1 tank.




1. Don't know how to show up to raids often and/or on time

2. Who care more about themselves than their TEAM




1. Are respectful to other people, especially their team mates

2. Play their class well and know how to play multiple classes and/or specs

3. Are mature; only those above age 18 should apply to our guild with preference to players in their 20's and above

4. Can see us as a guild they would like to be in for the rest of this tier and far into WarlordsWould like to invite you to hang out with us in vent and/or watch our streams before you decide if we may be a good fit for you.


Again, if interested, add Mariame#1624 or apply at





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Now 9/14 Heroic SoO.


Still looking for:

Healer (Pref Resto Druid or Holy Pally, will consider others)

Ranged DPS (Pref Warlock, will consider others)

Exceptional Rogue


Please read original post for min requirements for the heroic raid.


We have also begun running another 25 man Normal SoO on Fridays as well as 10 man SoO's over the weekend for members who aren't quite ready for prime time.  

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Updated current classes we're recruiting.



Holy Paladin

Resto Shaman

Mistweaver Monk

Resto Druid




Ret Paladin

Enhance Shaman


Windwalker Monk

Feral Druid


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Updated on 1/31/14:


Progression for Core: 12/14 heroic 

Progression for Friday Raiders: 3/14 Heroic

Updated Class/spec recruiting for both.


As always, visit for information and to fill out application.


Thanks for reading,



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