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Suggestion - Fallen Protectors

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Instead of setting Inferno Strike targets, set icons on Add targets:


Sorrow - Skull

Gloom - X

Misery - Star



Anguish - Skull



Embodied Despair - star

Embodied Desperation - triangle



Inferno strike already has a good graphic warning.. people just need to learn to run/stack on it.





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I don't see why the adds really need icon marking though. On normal the fight is faceroll and you just aoe all the things.


On heroic, sorrow gloom and misery have a shared health pool so it doesn't even matter which one you attack. marks for despair and desperation. They also have a shared health pool and most just aoe the small adds in middle because it's more effective damage. There is no practical reason to concern yourself with those adds.


That just leaves the anguish, probably the only one even worth marking. I might add that one.

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      I have never messed with those settings before within DBM Options, and if I recall by default it would announce it in say, however I'd see it for other raiders, just not myself on this particular occasion. I've also gone in a second time, and noticed the same thing. DBM is current, as I have the Alpha releases, and also it was working in every other aspect during the encounter, except during Sha Seer. I'd physically see it cast on me, yet no /say bubble, or even mention of it in /say chat would appear.
      Any help with this topic would be greatly appreciated.
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