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This is a basic mage deck I created to help a friend out since he had no packs to open. You should be able to make this deck even at the beginning, and hopefully give you an edge against the beginner competition. The idea is to have enough spells to counter all of their early game, and still allow you to play minions early on. If you have a bad start, things can spiral out of control quickly, this deck should ensure a hopeful early game, which you can maintain. The other end of this build is direct damage, there are no taunts because we want to get damage on the enemy hero before they can regain board control, and turn the game against us. Hope you enjoy.

For more guides and information be sure to check out my youtube channel and twitch stream, all links are on the videos.


Building the Basic Mage Deck


Sample Game with Basic Mage Deck

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Heres my mage deck, nothing special just a casual one that i made recently and its a simple.


If you have any advice on building a great mage deck that others and I can benefit from then feel free to post videos! or decks right here on this thread.


But for now please help with creating a great mage deck.





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Hello everyone! I just wanted to share this deck list with the community. Have fun with it!


Full Decklist


Any comments, questions welcome...Cheers!

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Hey guys, LJ here with the deck that I took to legend this season! Its a mage secret deathrattle deck and it is so fun! 

I have the video with my explanation of the deck list/synergy between cards and gameplay at legend ranks! 

OR the deck list is right here for those that want it!

Deck List:

2 – Mana Wyrm
2 – Undertaker
2 - Frostbolt
1 – Bloodmage Thalnos
2 – Loot Hoarder
2 – Mad Scientist
2 – Arcane Intellect 
2 – Counterspell
1 – Duplicate 
1 – Ice Block
1 – Mirror Entity
2 – Kirin Tor Mage
2 – Fireball
1 – Polymorph
2 – Water Elemental
2 – Sludge Belcher
1 – Sylvanas Windrunner
1 – Flamestrike
1 – Kel’Thuzad

Let me know if you guys have any questions or comments about the deck! Edited by Lawrencejame

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