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World of Logs 100% reliable?

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I've been checking up shamans on WoL recently to check what they do on certain fights. Mainly Malkorok 10 HC as shamans mastery aswell as smart heals are hampered by the shield mechanics.

What I seems to have found are players with completely off numbers where one or more spells show more casts/procs/healing done then what should be possible(typicaly double).

Take this Malkorok 10 HC log for example:

The top 5 abilities seems to be doubled in ammount of hits. Most notable is that the total cast time on 137 Chain Heals are about 1,5 minutes longer then the fight lasted according to the graph and that
Restorative Mists(Ascendance) has 342 hits.

Riptide on 10 people for 15 sec= about 70,
Healing Rain 5 peps 15 sec= about 60,
Chain Heals =5
Healing Tide on 5 people=about 25,
Healing Stream Totem=about 20

Gives a rough estimate of 180 hits. Add verious other procs such as Spirit Of Chi-Ji, Eartliving etc that may or may not proc Restorative Mists and note that the ammount of spells cast/proced I present is impossible in itself due to GCD, lowering the ammount of actual procs further puting the WoL number at just about the previous mentioned double ammount logged.

The top 2 players on Malkorok 10HC are shamans and one of them are solo healing so that explains his numbers(hes at least got the normal spells on the top of his list).
This on a fight where most guilds dont take shamans because theyre terribly bad for it.

Looking around a bit more you will soon find similar discrepencies.
I dont know if there is a problem with the WoL client, our game clients or if people are simply able to cheat it somehow.

Do anyone have an idea or explanation for this?

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World of logs is not even remotely accurate. It improperly detects so many difficulties. Heroic fights that are counted as normal and screwing rankings all up, etc. is a bit more accurate on difficulty detection. As for numbers, they are still often skewed based on strategy and scumbagging. You can easily put out better numbers if you under heal, or don't have someone like a disc priest sniping your numbers.


Malkorok has huge shaman numbers but it's mostly useless healing. You have to know how to read that fight differently.

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