Auto-icons for minions of Ysharj Garrosh 25hc phase 3

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Good evening, 

 would it be possible to give us the option of enabling auto-marking those adds on this boss fight? We are trying Garrosh hc 25 without a monk tank and we intend to use some ideas we had but we need instant automarking from our dbm in order to perform them fast and reliably.

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I had an option for that, I couldn't get it to work right, and since i'm unable to get into any situation where i am able to test it, I'm unable to really add that. It'd be easy if they spawned at once but because they spawn in such a staggered amount of time, I could never get the timing right to make the marking work so I removed it entirely. I probably won't be adding it back for same reason I had to remove it in first place. It didn't work right and I can't make it work right being unable to test it.

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