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We are creating this forum for anyone hosting tournaments and events for hearthstone to go ahead and advertise their event here. We only ask that you do not spam. One topic per event.
Any users wanting to discuss upcoming events should do so in appropriate event thread and not create new topics to ask questions. For any general questions about purpose of this sub-forum, post them in this thread.
Also, be aware, forum rules still apply with the exception of asking questions (rule 7). Please try to search for existing answers though before asking questions that have already been answered.

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      Lovely: Hi there,
      “First off, I want to thank you for giving us amateurs such an awesome experience. Despite the hiccups in last night's qualifier, I had a blast and I will definitely keep competing in any tournament you guys put on! You guys stood up to the challenge and it went off very well. Don't listen to the whiners!”
      Good Gaming, Inc. would like to thank Lovely and the more than 1,300 gamers who participated in our online Hearthstone tournament, one of the biggest ever. We are also excited to announce our top four winners:
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      Good Gaming’s main goal is to provide a format for amateur gamers to compete in e-Sport tournaments.  These tournaments provide gamers an opportunity to sharpen their skills against a wider community of players, and provide them a chance to win more than just bragging rights if they prevail. Of course, accomplishing this goal is not without challenges, and during the Hearthstone tournament we encountered a few unforeseen issues - like a hacked Teamspeak server and people impersonating the Good Gaming administrator on social media sites to post negative and confusing statements.
       Good Gaming Inc. has made a number of adjustments to resolve and mitigate these issues, and is proud to announce that by the end of January our web platform will provide a more automated system that should eliminate the manual entry process, significantly reducing user error and frustration. The founders of Good Gaming Inc. would like to thank those members of our community who appreciate the challenges of serving a group as diverse and demanding as ours, by offering input that we can use in constructive ways.
      Khanthiilas:  I know you guys had a momentous job and some of those ppl were impatient and nasty, i guess prize pools attract all sorts, i have had fun amongst the stress and some new buddies so thanks. now im going to rub my wives nose in the fact i qualified, we will just keep the details quiet though lol, nite and thanks again.
      In addition to eliminating the manual entry process, which Khanthiilasi and other users found cumbersome and time consuming, Good Gaming has increased staffing and streamlined the rules and regulations into a more concise format.
      We understood that holding the one of the largest online HearthStone: Heroes of Warcraft tournaments was going to pose challenging hurdles. As service providers, the founders of Good Gaming Inc. would like to apologize to anyone believes that they didn’t receive the experience that they were hoping for, and thank the majority of tournament players who, despite some frustrations, appreciate our commitment to the gaming community and cheer us on as we continue to improve our web platform.
      Zero: “First of all I'd like to apologize again for a sort of rude email I sent earlier I over reacted thinking I wouldn't get to play in the tournament I take it all back and I'd like to thank you for running this tournament I'm having a lot of fun and it was worth every penny of the $5 I spent.
      Good Gaming, Inc. would like to assure Zero, and all our members that our continuing goal is to enhance member experience. We welcome  community feedback, and will to refine our process to deliver even better tournaments in the future. We wish a Happy Holiday to all Good Gaming Members and e-Sports enthusiasts watching us, with a special shout out to R34p3r:
      “I know you guys are doing your best. It has been a struggle, but growing the community is difficult. No matter what anyone says, I appreciate your efforts..
”Believe me, there are many people who appreciate it. They're just drowned out by twitch chat style antics. Everyone suffers from it, even blizzcon. Just stay strong, stay professional and put on a good show and good gaming can get through this. People don't need any special restitution, they just need to see that you're capable of something of amazing, which you are. Make it through this hatestorm and what could stop you guys? That's how I feel when playing some times. When you win the psychological battle, the card game becomes the easy part.”
       We hear you. And we’re grinding, but you deserve no less.
      The Good Gaming Team
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