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Suggestion: Extended Test Bars / Fight Sim

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Would it be possible to have an extended version of the test bars, one that's getting closer towards simulating a faked boss fight?


I was discussing how to improve your play with a guildy and the subject of practicing on dummies while moving, multi-targeting, etc came up.


Obviously dummies aren't as good as actually raiding, but they do have the advantage that you'll never die, you're using your actual raid gear (unlike proving grounds) and you can practice as long as you want + whenever you want.


So having an infinite loop test sequence with a random assortment of standard dbm commands would be kind of neat for practicing (e.g. move, get into melee, get out of melee, blow survival cd, adds spawning->despawning, etc).


Being able to set it so that it could either imitate key boss fights or be totally random would be particularly advantageous.

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