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Ok, So I'm a pretty new player so I've been trying to customize my UI.

I came across something with the casting bars thats really been bugging me and I can't figure out how exactly it's working.

The easiest way I can explain it is to watch this video:

From 2:45 +

The actual contents of the video are irrelevant. What I'm interested in is the Casting bar.

I can't for the life of me figure out what the smaller blue casting bar represents. Is it GCD? Is it the Auto attack timer or something? Is it the mirror bar? And the larger one underneath I'm assuming is the spell casting time.

I'm pretty new to wow so I maybe I am missing something basic. I'm actually not sure what the mirror bar is supposed to represent either.

I'm using AzCastBar addon atm but I'm just really confused atm.

Any clarification would be great,

Cheers, Strider.

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The small blue bar looks like the auto attack timer. It isn't the GCD, but you can see the GCD in the video as a cooldown spiral overlay on the buttons.

The mirror bar is the one that is displayed near the top of the screen in the default interface. It shows things like drowning.

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Thanks for the clarification. I'm playing a Druid atm and wondering why I can't seem to get my AA timer to show up. Didn't know that AA's don't really interrupt spells but I think I remember one of my friends saying hunters are one of the only classes who can aa while moving.

I'll have another look at Az and see if I can get it working.

I've spent the last 5 hours setting up my UI. It's been slow because I don't really understand how to get things working but I have a decent grasp of it now.



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AZ is a pretty old mod that's not as well maintained as it used to be from what i recall. Best castbar mod in my opinion has always been Quartz

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That's sounds about right from what I can see. I'll give Quartz a try maybe next time I decide to mess around with my UI.

I've got everything how I like it atm.

Do any of you guys recomend some of the addon packages for a complete noob?

I'm the type of player to actually research the game to try and learn and get better so I was considering using a pack that has everything set up.

Not really sure what to do and just looking for a second opinion.

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