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Upcoming DBM Options Improvements

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First of all, DBM General Options has gotten cluttered with misc things that really do not belong there. Maybe now people will notice the really awesome REALM best timer feature of challenge modes I added many months ago. ;)


So now:



Second up, where is all that extra stuff now?:



Lastly, I added in a very clear note right into the options GUI about how to use auto logging WITH An explanation to how auto logging works. It starts logging when a boss is pulled OR when /dbm pull command is used and stops logging 10 seconds AFTER boss is defeated.

When using /dbm pull it will auto log all events for pulltimer + 10 (so if you do /dbm pull 10 it will log for 20 seconds. As long as boss is engaged within those 20 seconds, it will keep logging until ENCOUNTER_END plus 10 seconds. So ALL combat logs will be 100% compat using /dbm pull.

Why is this required? requires ENCOUNTER_START event to be in the combatlog to accurately detect boss pulls and which difficulty that boss pull is. This requires that a log already be running when a boss is pulled. While DBM misses 0 combat events if you do not use /dbm pull, it DOES miss ENCOUNTER_START (because that's the queue dbm used to start logging which means it already fired when logging started). So to summarize, if you want dbm to capture ENCOUNTER_START and pre pots, use /dbm pull to start logging the pre pulls from now on.

Also, side bonus to kihra, is clickable to copy and paste url to clipboard from within game. ;)

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Just to add, these changes are already in the latest alpha if you want to use them now. Also, some of the options added are not new features, but added so some existing features can be disabled now that didn't have a disable before (such as loot role check, and AFK health loss warnings)

Also, if anyone is curious what transcriptor option is and why they don't see it. That option is only visible if transcriptor is installed. It is NOT something you need for warcraftlogs or anything like that. That's mainly for creating MUCH more thorough logs for creating new boss mods.

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