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Rules will be enforced less strictly in this thread.  Hopefully people will be mature and contribute and I won't have to moderate here at all.  Things that are specifically allowed here but not elsewhere include wishlisting, armchair design, feelings and reactions, conjecture, and opinion.  Discussion is as always open to theorycrafting and game play, but things like art that are normally off topic are also included.


Posters still need to use clear and polite language.  And while the objective quality of post content won't be enforced here, posts still do have to have content.  "Here is how I feel about this feature, and why" is a good post.  "I am happy / sad / angry about this feature and am / am not going to resub because of it" is not a good post.

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One thing that I don't understand from a design philosophy, is how much stamina negatively impacts resolve percentages.


Resolve from stamina at level 100 is:

Rs = Stamina / (250 * 261)

Resolve from damage taken is:

Rd = 0.25 * 10 * (DTPS / (60 * Stamina))



The negative impact of using a Stam Flask, Stam Food, and Commanding shout are as follows:

Tanking Dungeon Target Dummy: -12% shield barrier size

Tanking Raid Target Dummy: -11% shield barrier size


This seems insane to me.


Solved for the cross over point.
At 100000 Damage Taken Per Second, I would need to be beyond 16500 stamina for stamina to provide a net-resolve increase. Before that point losing stamina increases resolve. (For those not currently on beta, I have 2916 stamina at level 100)

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For those who want to muck around, below is a pretty rough spread sheet I've created. (Intended for level 100, does not support level 90 characters)


Inputs are on the stats page, results are on the results page. Everything else is either mitigation/dps/rotational calculations
Bonus armour seems to be our best stat and is also our second best dps stat.

Depending on your shield block usage/gear level (default values are ilevel 578)... stats priority is likely:

  1. Armour
  2. Strength
  3. Mastery
  4. Crit
  5. Versatility
  6. Haste
  7. Stamina

Stamina is pretty bad. It increases your expected damage taken due to its effect on resolve. Armour reduces spike size by almost the same health that the same budget of stamina would grant.

Anyone can edit the link above. If it gets butchered and you want to copy the original, use this:


Still needs:

  • non-gnome racial supports
  • avatar talent support
  • bloodbath talent support
  • figure out how to leave api data in cells when turning off api update
  • multiple mob support for dps
  • multiple mob support for tanking
  • does multistrike affect shield barrier?
  • add victory rush to damage list
  • blood craze
  • other things

If there's interest, I can keep posting updates as I make them.

Edited by Booi

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I actually like the data, as a prot warrior main myself.

I knew armor was king. I'm a bit surprised by strength over mastery. Although getting strength isn't easy anyways so mastery was my goto flask and enchants in beta. It seems to scale very well compared to others.

Also of note. Crit to parry conversion only occurs on gear. Using a crit flask is particularly bad since it gives 0 mitigation right now. Procs I have not tested yet (such as weapon enchant).

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Does haste affect Rend?

From my understanding Haste will reduce the Global Cool down triggered by Rend but ultimately it will not affect the speed of the DoT tick or the burst at the end of the duration.

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