DBM Update 5.4.13 Released

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New Features


  1. DBM Core now lets you auto accept invites from friends or guild members
  2. Several new options were added to "Extra Features" to give users more control of some of the easter egg features I've added to DBM over past year.
  3. Added support for WoW 6.0 raid difficulties. DBM will now detect variable LFR, Mythic, etc difficulties and record boss stats for them.
  4. Break timers should now be recoverable. If you reloadui or DC during a break timer, a new break timer should be sent to you when you return with whatever time is remaining.
  5. Improved AFK combat warnings to include one shot attacks since the health loss check wasn't enough to pick that up.
  6. Re-added realID syncing for world boss pulls, without the pass on code that caused the traffic flooding before. Now, it only syncs to users who are on same real as one another.

Siege of Org:

  1. Added new special warning for when adds spawn on road during galakras encounter (off by default). Recommended for tanks not good at watching timers.

Bug Fixes


  1. Fixed lua errors when darkmoon rabbit, or any of cata/BC world bosses are pulled and world boss alert is turned on.
  2. Fixed an issue where timers may not be precise if they are REALLY long ones (such as Break timer).

Siege of Org:

  1. Fixed bug where the storeroom guards purple puddle warning was displaying wrong spell name and is also alerting everyone instead of just the tank
  2. Fixed bug where fixate warning on trash before siegecrafter was also displaying wrong name, it's displaying the name of the healing spell storeroom guard uses.
  3. Fixed bug where Protodrake warnings still fire on galakras in phase 2 even though none are going to spawn.


  1. Fixed missing yell victory trigger for niuzao so that you can still detect a win (at least on english clients) if no one in raid is targeting him when you win



  1. Role auto setting can no longer be disabled. There is never a good reason to disable it and option only added clutter and end user confusion.
  2. Improved CPU usage of DBM timers some more (they no longer use any when idle).
  3. Added note about how to properly use dbm auto logging to work with warcraftlogs.com in the Options panel.
  4. A lot of GUI options were moved from "general options" to the "extra options" category to reduce clutter and organize options better. (http://forums.elitistjerks.com/topic/132445-upcoming-dbm-options-improvements/)

Siege of Org:

  1. Range frame on Dark Shaman Encounter will now only show for Foul Stream casts instead of being open all the time.

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