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New Features


  1. DBM Core should now filter VEM boss whispers.
  2. Several French Updates
  3. Several Chinese Updates
  4. Added preliminary support for combat resurrection charge timer. Will require actual 6.0 testing to finish it.
  5. Several new timer features were added. Full documentation on what they are and how to use them is available here: http://forums.elitistjerks.com/topic/132494-upcoming-custom-timer-work/

Siege of Org:

  1. Added a timer for the Thrall/Garrosh RP event. Timer may be + or - few seconds since even does seem to have slight variation.
  2. Added countdown options for bombardment cooldown & bombardment duration on heroic garrosh.

Bug Fixes


  1. Fixed nil error when using certain features while not inside a raid zone (such as break timer).
  2. Fixed issue where DBM may not auto accept party invites sent over battletag/realid.
  3. Fixed issue with Pull detection for Hodir.
  4. Several fixes for 3rd party timer skinning.
  5. Fixed a nil error for WoW 6.x related to WatchFrame being renamed.

Siege of Org:

  1. Fixed bug where Paragons parasite counter didn't work correctly on any 25 man difficulty.
  2. Fixed bug where two of the prisons on Sha of Pride didn't announce on 25 man difficulty.
  3. Fixed bug where range frame on Paragons would close at incorrect times.
  4. Fixed bug where range frame would show at incorrect times on Malkorak.

Heart of Fear:

  1. Fixed Action Blocked errors that would happen on combat end with Amber Shaper Unsok if "fix nameplates" is enabled while using WoW patch 5.4.8.



  1. Auto invite accepting is now smarter and will NOT accept invites if you are soloing inside a raid instance.
  2. World boss pull alerts changed some more to work better with connected realms.
  3. Even greater lengths to prevent false world boss pull alerts that may be caused by loop backs (all same realm pass on code is now removed).
  4. Micro optimizing in core to call GetInstanceInfo() less often.

Siege of Org:

  1. Manifestation spawns on Norushen will now show spawn number.
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      By MysticalOS
      Key: Blue: Noteworthy, Purple: Major
      New Features
      Emerald Nightmare:
      Added complete mod for Ursoc with data available from heroic testing Added complete Nythendra mod with data available from heroic testing Added stub mods with only combat detection for rest of bosses in zone Suramar Raid:
      Added complete mod for Skorpyron with data available from heroic testing. Added stub mods with only combat detection for rest of bosses in zone Hellfire Citadel:
      Added new feature to mannoroth to Assign icons/yells for wrath of Gul'dan by role (TANK/HEALER/DAMAGER). This option is not on by default and must be set by raid leader only. Wrath of guldan on mannoroth will now have voice pack sounds for what mark to move to. Legion Dungeons:
      Added mods for all bosses in Blackrook Hold with all data available from normal testing Added mods for all bosses in Darkheart Thicket with all data available from normal testing Added stub mods with only combat detection for rest of 5 man bosses in Legion Bug Fixes
      Some fixes to timer recovery to hopefully make it work more reliably on some cases. Fixed bug where you may get lua errors on combat end against Legion bosses. Fixed bug where range radar would throw lua errors and not work correctly with Demon Hunters in group. Hellfire Citadel:
      Fixed a bug on Xhul where it was warning to taunt swap before the boss was in phasing phase. Fixed a bug where HUD dot would still show for mark of legion even if HUD was disabled on mythic Archimonde Fixed a lua error for voice pack users on Blackhand mod. Changes
      Updated to latest LibChatAnims for Legion compatability. DBM core now lets you set warning duration for on screen warnings as low as 1 second, down from previous 3 second lowest setting. Changed default countdown audio for all countdowns to begin at 4 seconds, down from 5. (mods that already use less than 4 will continue to do so) Name labels for HUD should hopefully now show up on alert circles even for names that aren't in range. Hellfire Citadel:
      Further refined add cancel timers on mannoroth to try to be as precise as possible on whether or not the add will come or not during a transition. Reduced yell countdown for mark of Legion on Mythic Archimonde from 5 seconds to 3 to still accomplish purpose but with less spam.  
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    • Legion Alpha: Nythendra Kill/DBM Testing
      By MysticalOS
      In This video I'm testing a mod on a boss that has never before been pulled that I drycoded before hand using only journal and spell data from wowhead. For most part the mod worked pretty well to warn for important debuffs and already had working yell countdowns and the works. The mod of course lacked perfect timers and instead used the built in AI system to try and learn some on the fly which it did but not perfectly since it's hard for ai timers to perfectly learn how phase changes reset timers and such. You can also see the debug I run in chat and transcriptor of course running to log fight to complete mod later (and the mod is complete now).
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