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The Q&A about Final Fantasy XIV Zodiac Weapon in Patch 2.2

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Although Zodiac Weapon Story has upgraded in FFXIV Patch 2.2, there are still lots of newbies and return players have question about this quest. So, we arrange this article to help you. There are any question you can leave your message on the bottom, we are here 24 hours online.


Q: Should we have Zenith Relic to farm Atmas?

A: Absolutely yes!  There are 12 Atmas you need to have. The quest of Zodiac Weapon need you arm with Zenith Relic (IL90) to farm Atmas. If you have the IL80 relic weapon, you can’t get any atmas.


Q: As long as we finished the FATE that we can get Atmas?

A: Well, the drop of Atmas by chance. Sometimes all teammates changed in around, you still can’t get Atmas. So, to be a better man. God bless you!


Q: I have collected 12 Atmas, why NPC didn’t allow me accept the quest?

A: You should enhance your Zenith Relic (IL90) items to Atma Weapons so that you can continue the quest to get Zodiac Weapons.


Q: Each book costs 1500 tomestones of Mythology, it is hard to collect 9 books!

A: Please accept dungeon quest as much as possible. For example The Stone Vigil anD The Lost City of Amdapor. Of course, you can purchase it either.

Q: Zodiac Weapon would better than Bahamuts weapon in the future?

A: As for now, Bahamuts weapons is the most powerful in FFXIV. But the development team promise that enhancing Relic Weapon will always goes on. All in all, it shows great potential!

Q: What’s the different between Zenith Weapon and Atma Weapon?

A: Different class has different weapon, as you can see, the properties are the same. But Item Level and appearance are different.


zenith%20weapon.JPG atma%20weapon.JPG


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