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WildStar Classes Introduction: Esper DPS Build vs HEAL Build in PvE

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In the WildStar, there are six classes we can choose and each class can focus on DPS. While, the development still divide six classes into Tank and Healer. Esper, Medic, Spellslinger can be a Healer, and Enginner, Warrior can be a Tank. Before your character acquired at 15 lvl, no matter you are a Tank or Healer is insignificant. After you level up to level 15, to be a Healer would help you upgrade fast in PvE. Well, we would introduce the DPS Build and Heal Build for Esper in PvE. Hope this guide can help you chose your ideal first WildStar Class.



Race Available: Human, Aurin, Cassian, Chua 
Roles: DPS or Healer
Armor: Light
Resource Skills: Focus and Psi points
Main Features: Moxie (DPS), Healer (Insight)
Solo Ability: Medium
Farm Wildstar Gold ability: Medium


Wildstar Esper DPS Build



Esper Ranged DPS Build


Esper Melee DPS Build


As you can see, the different between ranged dps build and melee dps build is about Telekinetic Strike and Psychic Frenzy.


Telekinetic Strike is the most basic ability you should choose in your ranged build. The 30 meter range will almost always guarantee the ability hit multiple targets in any PvE scenario which rockets it's effectiveness with multiple chances , exponentially increasing DPS by transitioning to less builders and more finishers. It is great for your Esper Solo PvE and group PvE veteran dungeons.

Psychic Frenzy as just mentioned is the melee builder and it allows you to create 3 spectral blades that you can attack with. Along with the multiple tap change, came a very solid increase in damage to the skill. This skill would great for you solo PvP and small group PvP arena. The mobility and damage of Psychic Frenzy make it is the necessary in PvP.

Crush: The dungeon boss needs to be interrupted that where Crush comes in, and in PvP you might want to get away from enemies so knockdown is great way!



Wildstar Esper Healer Build


Mind over body is a great skill which can heal youself and allies within 30 ranged. Meanwhile it would regenerate Psi Point.This way is fast keeps the tank HP pretty high for sometime and gives you enough time to heal the low HP player.

Bolster is a pretty skill that Esper Psi point builder in the game, not a particularly powerful heal though. It’s instant and generally in a PvE and PvP environment keeps your health and Psi Points topped up.


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