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The Death Knight in Hearthstone!

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Over the past few months I put together some cards, which eventually lead into a full complete 25 set for a Death Knight Hero. I strived to keep it balanced, diversified and above all fun to play. I thought I'd share it here with everyone.

I put them in a video, running through them with brief explanations:

The Core Concepts:

The majority of classes have a special ability associated with them. For example, Rogue has Stealth, Shaman has Windfury, Paladin has Divine Shield etc. Deathrattle is unused and fit perfectly within the "Death Knight" concept. As we've seen from the Adventure Mode expansion coming soon, there's many cool concepts that can be made with it, I tried to emulate that in the cards.

To 'combo' and get the most out of Deathrattle alot of cards sacrifice your own minions to gain a powerful effect. For example, Bone Shield can be compared with Holy Light, but costs one fewer mana because you must sacrifice that minion first somehow. Other cards that require you to sacrifice units include Dark Transformation, Corpse Explosion, Dark Ritual, or Death Pact. These sacrificial cards can be synergized well with either the many tokens you're sure to get with the Death Knight class or with minions that have powerful Deathrattles. Death Knight itself has many of these types of minions, but sacrificing a Sylvanas surely sounds tempting as well.

Legion of Undead
A Death Knight typically leads an infinite army of Undead minions. I wanted to mimic this effect in Hearthstone by allowing Death Knight lots of opportunities to create an endless army of weak tokens. These cards include Blood Parasite, Soul Wrench, Crypt Fiend, Vile Necromancer, and even the class legendary, Anub'arak. Of course, these minions won't be powerful fighters, but they'll be very useful as sacrifices for all of your unholy rituals!

The Death Knight's hero ability, "Runic Empowerment", is one of the most interesting features of the class. When used, the Death Knight's hero power will be replaced with a random Rune Power until that Rune is used. Runes cost 0 mana and can be used to buff a friendly minion with one of three buffs. The buffs are strong, but random. One of the best aspects of this hero power is that you'll never have a dead turn 2 unlike some other classes we could name. Runes also allow you to buff your otherwise weak tokens or even summon more tokens!

Plague Cards
I loved the idea of Dream Cards, so I wanted to replicate that in the Death Knight class. You can draw Plague Cards from two sources, Plaguebringer and Plague Farm. Unlike Dream Cards, which are severely undercosted, Plague Cards are typically overcosted by about 0.5-1 mana. However, Plague Farm reduces the cost of these cards by 2 mana, suddenly making these cards very undercosted. This attempts to simulate a real plague that can spread like wildfire.

To view the cardset in an album:

Special thanks to: Monk for balance and writing, Starshaped for balance and FonteTavin for art. Edited by Fulla

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