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is there a way I can get DBM to output timers for the Shredder's overloads, similar to what Bigwigs does, showing (1) for first, (2) for second etc as they do 30% more damage each time they do it.   It would be a great help to me.    Thx

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Hi and Yes it does work when turned on :D


Soz for the delay in replying, I wanted to test it fully in our heroic raid (its our progress boss atm).


I do kind of prefer the way BW does it because they have a bar for the Overload (1) which gives the 6 second cd for the first overload, whereas DBM tracks the "overload cd" and the first one that appears is Overload (2).   And it seems odd that overload (1) is missing, but its no problem. 


The other responsibility I have is that the ranged group stack on me.   The Assembly Line info box is, I guess, great for people on the belts but not much use to those on the platform.   Did you ever think of having an info box for the platform, saying which weapon was overcharged and which normal, to make it clearer what abilities we face in each phase on the platform? 


I have been using the optional bar for "magnetic crush ends," and find it very helpful for deciding when to move.



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the info frame shows which weapons spawn on belt. There is a separate warning that announces the overcharge (it can be a special warning too I think that's off by default I don't recall).


bar 1 being missing just means I forgot. First one is not that important though anyways and happens very soon after add spawns so probably not missed too much.


Since i'm not raiding SoO anymore really, it's more difficult for me to add/test things in there now so I'm pretty much not touching SoO mods anymore except to fix bugs. All my focus now is on beta and the new content as you can see in my 6.0 news thread.

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