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As you know already :D my guild is working on Blackfuse heroic.  The EMP Generator (engineering tinker) is very nice for stunning the crawler mines, especially in 25 man when there are many engineers in the group.  


I'd like to be able to check that all the engineers are helping control the mines by using their EMP Generators and also that they don't all use them at the same time.  


I have tried DBM Spell Timer but even though I believe I'm adding it correctly (spellid 54736, 60sec cd, and ticking the checkbox) and even though the Spell Timer works for my other spells such as barrier and jeeves, it doesn't see me cast the  EMP Generator and doesn't start a cooldown timer for it :(


I have tried some raid cooldown timer addons such as Hermes and Hagakure which allow me to add spells by id and they also don't react to my EMP Generator casts.   So it's not a problem unique to DBM.   But if you can see a way around this problem it would be a great help to me and I'm sure to many others.


I also have another question: is it possible to move the spell cooldown timers so they are in a separate stack from the normal raid timers? I just want to glance at the cooldowns at certain points in the fight - the raid timers are much more important to me and I'd like to keep them uncluttered.


Many thanks



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Splitting spelltimers from rest is not something coming any time soon. Since it was designed as a basic injection and not a stand alone. It'd need significant work to change it.

Not likely to add EMP to BF encounter either. It'd be way too much clutter. It's best to coordinate that with whispers or a chat channel maybe for macros to post in when EMPs have been used. Our melee actually just macroed a say bubble into when they used their EMPs during progression.

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Hi and thx for your instant response :D


I'll try the speech bubble method, that's what I already do for mass dispels on Thok and it helped there.



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