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Today, we would like to share the expert players’ experience of playing ArcheAge. These tips would help know more about ArcheAge.


1.Labor Point play a very important role in ArcheAge which used for pretty much everything we do in the game, especially for gathering and crafting. If you are away from the keyboard for a while, don’t log out and please choose a safe place.

2. Gathering ore is one of the fastest method to earn ArcheAge Gold if you have rich labor point. As for now, there are two places for newbies to collect ore:Arcum Iris – Granite Quarry and Solis Headlands.

3. If the quest shows you can turn in early, it means you can overachieve it 9.5 times out of 10.You need to complete the objective 150% to get Overachieve.So if the quest stated to kill 10/10 you would need to kill 15/10, then you can get more XP and Loots.

4. Some players would wonder how to get rich labor point? You can own a house with a special bed, sleeping allows to recover labor faster ad also applies a special buff that allows to work more effective.

5. You will get quest at level which gives you the first glider and mount. It is completely free and not a hard quest.

6. You should know whatever the environment, you must harvest all Iron ore, plants you see which are ready to be chopped down. To build house, boat,farms and glider all need plenty of wood, iron materials and Archeage gold. Don’t hesitate to collect all!

7.To do the main stroy line is the easiest way to get Gilda Stars which is the currency to exchange the blueprint for building construction. The other way to get Gilda Stars is making cross-continent trade. You can use some gold to get basic Gilda Stars for Boat and house.

8.You know, there is crime system in ArcheAge. If you reach 50 Crime Points value, at the time you were killed by any other players that you would put into Trail. So, if you want to steal other players’ farms you should look for the illegal farms which placed on the outer of each zone using in hidden cracks and hillsides. You can get a lot of resources or profits at the right time.

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ArcheAge Farming Guide: How to Fast Make Gold


There are a lot of crafting skills for you, including cultivation, farming, fishing and so on. You can depend on archeage labor to earn gold.


There are various crafting skills for you in ArcheAge. Cultivation is one of crafting, which can make money. You can cultivate different animals, such as poultry, swine, sheep, cattle and so on. Different animals require different needs as well as different harvest time. Of course, product you can gain is also different.

Take cows for example.  You can keep cows kept in your Pumpkin or safety zone around your house. Others can not grab or steal your cows. Please note that you can build your Pumpkin or house in the temperate climate of the map (press M to see the lower right corner and you can understand the climate characteristics of the map). Cows, can squeeze a milk every seven hours under temperate climate. So you can squeeze three times a day; in other climates, once every 10 hours. Additionally, in the safety zone pumpkin covers, you can keep 20 cows total.

You are able to exchange milk for gold with NPC. Or, you can sell milk to the cooker players. It is a steady income.



Based on harvest time and produce, you can plant all kinds of grain, fruit trees and other trees. Then you sell what you harvest to NPC, in which you can earn the amount of money. You can sell tree to other players to make boats as well.

Planting requires you to buy seeds or seedlings. If you don’t want to invest cost, you can gather wild trees. There are many three everywhere. You go out to cut wild trees down and then sell them.




Fishing is one easy way of getting money.


First of all, you need to prepare a rod which you can make in crafting station.

Secondly, you need earthworms (when you plant crops or gather, you have some chance to get earthworms.

Thirdly, you go to fish in the sea. You have to make your proficiency reach 20,000.

Fourthly, you can build a boat (not cheap) and take fishing rod, bait (you can make in crafting station) and hooks to the deep sea. You use radar to find fish. Then you can start to fish. In general, a boat has fish warehouse which contains five medium fish; two fish can be hung on the quarter.


Fishing is a lucrative, but it is risk. You pay attention to the hostile robbery from other players.

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As we all know, Archeage is a huge online game, one of the most important transportation is using ship.To cross the sea to finish the business and do quest, you need to build ship which will allow you to travel faster. What’s more, some ships can add bonuses when you are under attack. Similar to build a house, you need collect blueprint, materials and money. There are different style you can chose.

Today, we would like to introduce the most powerful private ship Black Pearl. This ship imitate the appearance of the Pirates of the Caribbean’s Black Pearl, the performance is very good. With the average small sailboat,it is indeed the most sailing ship in Archeage. Let's look at the basic features of the Black Pearl.




Black Pearl Features

8 Cannons
6 Aqualungs
4 Trade package Slots
Sextant that allows the player to see any ships on the map in the nearby area (1000 m)

Building Black Pearl Requirement:

1. To Collect 55 Black Pearl Blueprint (drop by pirate boss above level 40)
2. 100 x Wood, 100 x Iron to build Construction Platform
3. 5 x Pack Tree,5 x Pack Iron, 5x Cloth

Where can we find the Black Pearl Blueprint?

As for now, the Black Pearl Blueprint would be the most expensive items in ArcheAge Auction House. One piece of Black Pearl fragment can sell out at 200 ArcheAge Gold. Each guild want to have a Black Pearl Ship which is the best. There are 14 locations you can get Black Pearl from Boss, now we would share the drop location here:



Kyrios Disciple Klei
Level: 35


Wandering Captain Kingston
Level: 35



Shy Denly
Level: 35


Dahuta Slave Belucci
Level: 40
Elite / Demon



Umbras's Spirit
Level: 35
Elite / Demon


Nesah the Witch of the East
Level: 40
Elite / Human


Golden Goblet Leader Denslow
Level: 40
Elite / Humanoid


Brainwashed Tutor Evelyn
Level: 40
Elite / Humanoid


Brainwashed Butler Heinmann
Level: 40
Elite / Humanoid


Brainwashed Tutor Evelyn
Level: 40
Elite / Humanoid


Metal Golem #29
Level: 40
Elite / Machine


Senior Knight Albert
Level: 40
Elite / Humanoid


Knight Captain Herbert
Level: 40
Elite / Humanoid


Ventix the Stormwhorl
Level: 40
Elite / Elemental

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8 Classes with Battlerage + Defense Skills in ArcheAge
There are 120 classes in ArcheAge game, and would has 10 skill sets if you find 10 players with the same class. Today, we would analyze the Battlerage + Defense + Others (8 kinds of skills) gamepaly for PVE/PVP. First, let's see the Battlerage and Defense skills.

Battlerage skill
The active skills has nerf after 1.0. Such as the Bondbreaker ArcheAge%20Bondbreaker%20Skill.jpg, CD from 12sec up to 24 sec, it is a god skill in PVP. Precision Strike ArcheAge%20Precision%20Strike%20Skill.jp is the main output skills, increase the Critical Hits from 300% reduce to 100% after 1.0. But there is a big change for passive skills of battlerage, every skill is very practical, such as the Dual-Wield Proficiency ArcheAge%20Dual-Wield%20Proficiency%20Sk, the melee Crit Rate +8%, the shield is your left-handed weapon, it is very effective to the player with the sword and shield build.

PVP: Remove Snared, Slowed, Launched, Lassitude and Telekinesis.
        Snare, Knock Down, Slow move speed and attack speed.

Defense Skill

Redoubt ArcheAge%20Redoubt%20Skill.jpg, is still necessary skill, very useful to deal the Physical Assassin, but you should with the Shield.
Boastful Roar ArcheAge%20Boastful%20Roar%20Skill.jpg, reduces the enemy’s move speed -45% and skill damage -20%, the enemy also takes damage equal to 100% of your stacked Mettle. Always can do 3000 magic damage when you has full stacked Mettle and combo with extreme cringe state. It is good for PVP and PVE.
Passive Skills are the single defense of shield, make the Tank Classes more fear the Spell Classes.

PVP: Stun, Knock Down, Silence, Reduce Move and Attack Speed.
         Prevents being Pushed or Knocked down, invincible.


8 Occupations with Battlerage + Defense

Battlerage + Defense + Auramancy --- Abolisher class  ★★★★★

Abloisher is the most standard Physical Tank occupation, and is one of the popular occupation, but Abolisher need you has very high equipment later and be attacked easily by other players before you run 10 raid.

Conversion Shield ArcheAge%20Conversion%20Shield%20Skill.j, increase the damage combo with the Defense skills.
Liberation ArcheAge%20Liberation%20Skill.jpg, increase Magic Shield 1900 when combo with Redoubt 20 sec, make you has the Leather Magic Shield with heavy armor.

TeleportationMeditate and Shrug It Off are also very practical skills in ArcheAge, make this occupation is the most balanced in offensive and defensive, whether battle or raid are very good.

PVP: Sleep, Immunity to Shackle and Silence

Battlerage + Defense + Shadowplay --- Blighter class  ★★★★★

Blighter is the hot occupation in the game, half Tank and assassin, and tied for the most popular melee assassin occupation with Darkrunner occupation (Battlerage + Shadowplay + Auramancy).

You should know who are knocked down first who lost in PVP, but blighter can not be knocked down with the Redoubt skill within 20 sec. Although no flexible with Darkrunner, but has a very nice tank and high outbreak, stealth, sneak attack of assassin, it is the highest damage occupation in these 8 occupations. Very suitable for PVP player.

PVP: Stun, Knock Down, Shackle

Battlerage + Defense + Witchcraft --- Hexblade class  ★★★

Hexblade is good for PVP, the Tank occupations with Heavy armor are most afraid of Spell occupations, especially face the Witchcraft + Sorcery and Sorcery + Occultism.

Courageous Action ArcheAge%20Courageous%20Action%20Skill.j, immunity to Sleep and Fear for 1m.
Purge ArcheAge%20Purge%20Skill.jpg, remove negative effect and combo with Silence to make enemies Shackled.

All kinds of control skills make Hexblade occupation has a chance of winning no matter deal any occupations. Points the passive skill Magic Detection ArcheAge%20Magic%20Detection%20Skill.jpg increases Magic Defense +500 if you have enough skill points. This occupation need you have highest technical requirements, if you hand speed low, do not try.

PVP: Snared, Launched, Fear, Sleep, Stun, Push, Shackle / Silence, Remove one negative effect, Immunity to Sleep and Fear.

Battlerage + Defense + Occultism --- Doomlord class  ★★★

Occultism skill is best for PVP, and has the same Kite ability with archers.
Hell Spear ArcheAge%20Hell%20Spear%20Skill.jpg, good group controlled skill, inflicts additional +48% damage combo with Implaed.
Stillness ArcheAge%20Stillness%20Skill.jpgonly one skill can remove all Fear effects, and Silence all the enemies.

This occupation can not suitable for beginner, you have to think about this occupation orientation clearly, whether the main of Battlerage or mian of the Occultism, these would up to you use which weapons.

PVP: Stun, Knock Down, Impale, Blind, Silence, Control enemy, Remove Fear.

Battlerage + Defense + Vitalism --- Paladin class  ★★

Recovery blood need you have best restoring ability, and need you have a good technology in switch weapons. Can tank and auxiliary, but the auxiliary weaken than other auxiliary occupations. It is also a good tank if you choose the right stats of equipment.

PVP: Snared, Impale, Remove one negative effect

Battlerage + Defense + Archery --- Liberator class  ★

90% players will choose Archery with Shadowplay skills in ArcheAge, these two skills are good friends. But only Piercing Shot ArcheAge%20Piercing%20Shot%20Skill.jpg skill can do the max damage of bloody when you cast the main skill Precision Strike of Battlerage, the instant output second only to Blighter.

PVP: Slow, Snare, Shackle, Remove Shackle.
Battlerage + Defense + Songcraft --- Dawncaller class
Only can planting or run trading.

Battlerage + Defense + Sorcery --- Crusader class
Useless occupation.

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The currency is the most important economic base in MMORPG.Sufficient game gold can enhance your character power and gain big fun from the game. Same in Archeage, you need cost a certain amount of Archeage gold to build house, ship and enhance weapons! The more money you earn, the more items your will get. In this article, we would like to share some efficient ways to earn money via gathering. Now, we are glad to introduce the new method to earn money fast in Archeage.


There are lots of valuable Archeage source in the game, today we would like to introduce the gathering ways of Archeum Crystals. In the Archeage CBT4, the unit price of Moonlight Archeum Crystals reach up to 7-8 gold. Also, the Sunlight Archeum Crystal unit price are about 2-3 gold. While, the price will be higher.



The Ways to Gather Archeum Crystals



1.Drop from monsters

To kill monsters can randomly drop Moonlight/Sunlight/Starlight Archeum Shard/Dust/Crystal. With the monster level increase, the quality of Archeum Crystal would increase. So, the Moonlight Archeum Shard would drop when kill high level monster.


2.Integrate the items

In the Archeage, the items drop from monster can be sold and integrated as well. With the different of Items level, to integrate it can acquire different Archeum source. The green armor under 38 level only can integrate to a Moonlight Archeum Dust, and the weapon can integrate to a Sunlight Archeum Dust, the Jewelry can integrate to Starlight Archeum Dust. While, the blue items can get two dust.


3.To Plant Archeum sapling

You can plant Archeum Tree to acquire Archeum Crystal. To purchase Archeum Sapling from Mirage Isle woulc cost you 3 Gilda Star.




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Everyone in Archeage will inevitably go to jail no matter to murder other players from the same NPC faction or steal plants or livestock from other players, as long as your crime points increased beyond 50 points. Once you were killed by players, you would accept a short prison sentence about over 13 hours of in-game jail time or go to court and plead case to a jury of five other players. While, most of case would be sentenced the defendant to prison.


Prison Life:

There are few things you can do in the prison

1.Talk with other inmates
2.Play soccer
3.Break crates to obtain striped prison clothing
5.Kill rats

Prison Break

If you get bored in the jail you can escape here which is surprisingly easy. How to escape from prison in Nuia?

1.Acquire 5 spoons

Click the ground of jail you can dig the key with 5% chance which would waste 1 labor point each time.

2. Find the Room to clear 5 wallpapers.

Head back down into the dungeon and locate the room with the fire pit next to it.Click on the Tattered Wallpaper to uncover the Jailbreak Dirt Mound

3. Get the freedom ladder

Once you’ve used your spoons to clear 5 stages of Jailbreak Dirt Mound, you will find the ladder of freedom!

However, the debuff is not removed until the sentenced time is up, meaning activities are greatly limited.

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As noticed, I combined all of these. It needs to be pointed out that this is a Video Games sub forum, not ArcheAge. While it is an off topic and more lightly modded forum, it was beginning to get cluttered with far too many threads on same game when it made far more sense to combine them all into one so there is room for discussing other games too. Especially when most of threads didn't promote any discussion points which is generally what the standard is for a post deserving it's own thread. A single tips and tricks and guides thread for ArcheAge will suffice in this case.

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source from:http://2p.com/8895757_1/Archeage-Beginner-Guide---How-to-Become-A-Pirate-by-Abbywu.htm


In the Archeage, one of the key features of this game is the open world PvP which allows us to not only fight other factions, but PK our own faction.There are four major races:Nuians and Elves share the western continent, while the Firran and Harani inhabit lands to the east. Nuia and Haranya, but you may not know much about the third default faction, the Pirates. Do you want to be a Pirate? Now, we are glad to share the Archeage Pirate Guide here.
How to be a Pirate
1.Kill people or steal in your faction as long as you get 3000 Infamy Points. The introduction of Criminal Points and Infamy points you can refer the previous article:Archeage Criminal Guide
Methods to gain Criminal Points:
Assault - Simply put, the act of attacking a fellow friendly Faction player in a PvP-Enabled Warzone. ( 1 Crime Point )
Murder - As it sounds, to murder someone of you're own Faction in cold blood. ( 10 Crime Points )
Theft - To steal crops that are not you're own from somebody of the same faction. ( 3 Crime Points )

What would happen to be a Pirate
1.You would expelled from your original faction and removed from your guild
2.You are the enemies of all non-pirates, which involves NPCs and Netural Guards.
3.Never can whisper non-pirates
4. Dying to PvP on the Southern Continents will land you in jail for 40 minutes.
5.While you still have access to the speciality workbenches, they are very hard to get to.
6.You can not be in non-pirate guilds, groups or raids.
7.Pirates can not claim regions and own castles on Auroria.
8. Pirates can get a one hour lasting +1% damage buff on the Pirate Island.
9. You can own Pirate Ship.
10.We are able to put our house and farms anywhere in the world, however on the continents are risk.
11. As everyone can attack you and you aren't able to attack back in the world, unless it's a PVP zone
12.There are very little questing however there is a daily quest where as you go dive for treasure.
13.Pirate Island is always at war.

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ArcheAge galleon is a large vessel which is used to in large-scale naval combat. Galleons contain eight cannons, four on each side.





Materials Needed for Platform: 100 wood planks

Materials Needed for Ship: 5 packs of (wood, metal, cloth)

To build a galleon, you need to prepare over a thousand wood, metal and cloth, which is the essential materials. 

Furthermore, you are required gain three rare items dropped from Level 25 random monsters in the wild or bosses in specific field. Of course, you can purchase those items from other players. All materials are prepared and then you have to talk with a shipwright NPC and spend archeage gold in getting the galleon recipe.


Next up, you can start to build your galleon. Find a piece of open sea area and right click the recipe to market it. Take all materials to the place where galleon is created.  You can construct a galleon.

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Recently about players being scammed when trying to sell their property. Typically the scams are carried out in a manner were the seller will agree to sell you his land for a price, let's say 300 gold for example, and happy by the opportunity to finally get some land the buyer will trade the gold to the seller and that, unfortunately, is were the transaction ends. The seller will not relinquish ownership of the property, he will simply take your ArcheAge gold and leave or log off.
In the opposite side, and likely less common method, is that the buyer will not trade money until they can place their farm. The seller will demolish their farm/house and the buyer will place his house/farm down and then refuse to pay the gold. This is much less common but there can be rare occurrences when it happens.
This is a very serious issue. How to safely buy and sell land in ArcheAge?
To sell the land you own you must have completed the construction of your house or farm first, otherwise you will not be able to sell it through the provided game systems. If you are purchasing land that hasn't been built first then you could see yourself in the first scenario mentioned at the beginning of this article so it is not recommended!
When selling property you need an item called an Appraisal Certificate. These can be purchased from the in game store for 300 credits but may also be available in the auction house. Appraisal Certificates are required to sell any property so make sure you come to an agreement with the seller. Some sellers ask that the buyer provide the Appraisal Certificate and other cases are the opposite, just make it clear during discussions to avoid any confusion.
Once the seller has possession of the Appraisal Certificate they can interact with their property by pressing F and the following screen will be displayed.
From this interface they can set a price and they can even sell to a specific buyer by clicking that option and entering the name of the player. By selecting a specific buyer, the property will not be able to be purchased by anyone except for the person named. Once a property is listed for sale you will see sign posts at the four corners notifying people that the property is for sale.
To purchase the property just interact with one of the sign posts and it will give you the option to buy it. If it is listed to sell to a specific buyer then only that person can buy it so if you come across the sign posts and can't buy the land then that is why. Please keep in mind that when you sell your large scarecrow farm you can not get another one on that character unless you buy it yourself, you can still obtain them from making alts though and selling the farm to your main character. Houses are different because you can just purchase another of the auction house or with Gilda Stars. You also can't sell the scarecrow gardens (small farms) in a legit way, anyone offering to sell you the space could be a scam so exercise caution.

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How to fast leveling has been a hot topic no matter you are playing any game. Although there are many ways you can choose leveling in ArcheAge online, but it is difficult that how to fast leveling up to level 50 in a short time. Now there is a fast leveling way you need know, how to level up to level 50 in 4 days even 2 days?
Fast Leveling in ArcheAge
1-30 level, do your quests, the quest will be less about you are level 20 and choose farm monsters has the same level with you in this time. You can kill the monster about 10 seconds and do not take damage if you use above 2 recommended classes, very high efficiency.
After level 30 you will enter the neutral map. The sooner leveling, the more relaxed. Do not do the quests in other continents, unless you feel you can 1 vs 100.
After level 40, recommended to farm the level 40-50 monsters, because the experience will be less from ArcheAge quests, one quest just like you slay 10 monsters. Slay a monster about gain 0.3% experience when you level 40, then kill 300 monsters you can up 1 level, so you just kill 15000 monsters from level 1- level 50, about 40 hours if you slay a monster 10 seconds. So, you up to level 50 entirely possible just about kill 10 hours / day in ArcheAge game.
Do your equipments after you level 50. The green equipments are dropped by monsters you can use enough in the process of leveling, and up to full level in 2 days if you are a crazy man 24 hours online in the game.
Another leveling way you can choose if do not like doing quests in the game
Slay a kind of monster until can not give your experience, then choose slay another monster's level higher than before until no experience, then continue choose slay a monster's level higher than before, repeated. There is a little difference to the experience from the monster, the level 1 monster can give you 70+ experience, and the level 50 just give you 300+ experience, so the highest efficient way to get experience is slay the lower level monster than your level, less blood, low defense and easy kill.
As the same time you can cost your labor points to gathering when you use this leveling way. But you should know it is not very stable get the equipments compared to doing quests, and the benefits of this way is you can find a good place to has been farm monsters, however you should KS when you doing quests, it is a much tougher issue.
Of course,you also can fast leveling to farm ArcheAge gold in the ArcheAge online game, many leveling ways are make you get much gold for your characters, such as Planting, Alchemy, Weaponcraft. Have fun!

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