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Visible Addons

-Pitbull Unit Frames

-Bartender 4

-Satrina's Buff Frames

-Chinchilla Minimap

-Kg Panels

-Masque (button facade)

-Prat (chat frame)


-Titan Panel

I have my Buffs over the left side panel where the chat log is, and my debuffs appear on the opposite side panel. I use ForteXorcist for DoT Tracking, which appears over the debuff icons to the right. My procs such as Power Torrent, also appear in bar form over the buffs on the left. The blank space below the health bar in the target frame is the target's cast bar. Top ability bar is mostly that high so I can easily see the GCD, it's completely click-through.

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Some UIs i have seen so far in this thread are really amazing. Here is mine.



I am mainly using Weak Auras, Tidy plates Threat Plates, Skada and Gnosis.

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Re-did the interface last night, and very happy with how it turned out.

Unitframes: Stuf

Chat: Prat

Meter: Skada

Map: Chinchilla

Buffs/Debuffs: Raven

Cooldowns/dots: TellMeWhen

Tooltip: TipTac

Combat text: MSBT

Idle(in raid)


In combat


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25 man raid. This IS LFR. I needed a screenshot for the setup, so this was the easiest.


Elv UI - great all around addon for anyone looking for a solid interface, collapses when in different settings such as pvp/raid/party or even "Farm" mode. This addon has worked for me for quite some time and i really cant live wihtout it.

it ads raid awareness, a clean UI, and i only have to have what i need/want on the screen. its effectivley made me a better raider and added to damage done, and reduced my damage taken in raids. im not in a hardcore raiding guild, but we run 10mans and try to get things done.

Download ElvUI - Here

Other visible addons:

Elv UI takes care of the raid frames, target/target of target frames, and buffs, along with your bag becoming 1 bag (which i love)

I use Assassin timers, being a rogue its easier to glance at a box above my target of target then search through by buff bar, and it allows me to not need debuffs on my target, i cannot stand seeing all those auras on target frames.

Get Assassin timers Here

Below my unit frame and below my target's frame is Deadly Boss mods, i like having everything out of the way of the screen, and the default location of those irritated me, so i moved them.

Take not that i have moved the warnings down, and its not sticking at the top of my screen, i just need to update my screenshot, but this one gets the job done.

Download DBM( Deadly Boss Mods) Here

On the right side of my screen at the bottom you will notice Recount, now i have used Skada and recount and I keep bouncing back and forth between the two, still doing it every other day, cannot decide what i like better, but by DEFAULT Elv UI has your trade/loot chat in that box, i removed it because i enjoy having all chats on my left side, giving me a perfect backdrop for recount/skada. i customized it to be transparent, and only show rogue colors, and changed it to red, so i can glance at it fast and see where i am. (remember kiddos, focusing on meters during your raid hurts your team not just you)

Download recount Here

All Fonts came with ElvUI i just tweaked them until i was happy, I believe I have covered everything, feel free to ask me any questions, or PM me if you need anything. Thank you for allowing me to be apart of this amazing community, and i hope to one day be the best rogue evar ;)

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My highly customized moonkin ui. The eclipse bar predicts how much eclipse energy one has when the current spell finishes, just like the addon BalancePowerTracker can do as well. WeakAuras however allows me to put in a lot of cool effects, too :-) All timers were built using WeakAuras as well.

Aside from that, I tried to provide all informations needed for raiding (e.g. cast bars and buffs / debuffs for target and focus target) while at the same time building a very tidy ui with as much free space as possible.

Addons used:

- Pitbull

- WeakAuras

- Skada

- Dominos

- SexyMap

- Quartz

- TidyPlates

- Masque

- Chatter

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A UI made with healing in mind, but I use it for various other roles as well.

Unitframes: Modified version of Kaitains "Kait: Aura".

Other addons:

- Aurora

- Bartender4

- Chinchilla

- Deadly Boss Mods

- Grid

- kgPanels

- Kui Nameplates

- LitePanels/Litestats

- NibChatTabs

- Prat

- Quartz

- Raven

- ShieldsUp

- Skada

- Stuf

- WeakAuras


Video solo: Boonya UI - YouTube

Video raid:

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