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WotLK, Leaks, and You

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Now that the F&F Alpha is getting started, and additional phases surely will follow before long, leaks are inevitable (beginning with the entire client being publicly downloadable for a while on the first day... oops!).

Anyway, a few guidelines to follow for discussing this information here:

1) If you are under an NDA, do not break the NDA here. This is in your interest as much as ours. Blizzard employees read these forums. You will lose your alpha/beta access, and depending on what you post you could easily get in even more trouble.

2) Even if you are not under an NDA, do not use these forums to "leak" confidential information from the alpha or closed beta. Our forums should not be a locus for the dissemination of any new WotLK info that has not previously been released or leaked into the mainstream.

3) You may use these forums to discuss high-profile leaks -- there's no point putting our heads in the sand. If something is on WoR or mmo-champion, or is as widespread as the recent data-mining from the initial alpha client, then we're not going to pretend it doesn't exist. Leaks that are limited to the shadowy reaches of IRC, questionable hack sites, or stuff "your friend" told you, should not be discussed until and unless they reach more mainstream exposure elsewhere.

4) Do not upload/attach screenshots of NDA material, even if already disseminated elsewhere, to our servers. Link them elsewhere.

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This topic is now closed to further replies.

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