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WowCardioRaid: Offline graphic wow log parser

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Here is a new version with Raid dps/hps overview.

17/05/09 b19

- Dps/hps lines calculation has been switched to linear mode by default, since it's the most accurate mode. Smooth (and slower) calculation is available through options (if you want to compare dps performance between different raid session, be sure to use the same mode)

- Added raid overview dps/hps lines. The raid output header can be resized by moving its bottom line in the gfx view.

- Added support for focus/filter in dps/hps lines (raid or players), and proper functions like auto/manual update

- Added option to exclude self damages for damage done output (lines and stats)

- Added option to cap Overkill damage, to prevent huge spike in dps lines (Mimiron can blast for 5millions ;))

- All filtered events now appear in gfx view regardless their importance in zoom level.

- Proper handle of SPELL_CAST_START and SPELL_CAST_FAILED events, also added an option to disabled SPELL_CAST_FAILED events completely.

- SPELL_CAST_START and SPELL_CAST_SUCCESS are now only drawn in detailed view except if the caster is a raid opponent.

- Fixed few smalls bugs

- small changes in the wcr format. Older version of wowcardioraid will not be able to open the new format (but older wcr files can still be opened).

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Up for Beta 20

- Beta support for chat log: Load a regular event- log, then load the chatlog for the same session. You can now check boss'emotes or other raid warning. Additionally, if chat-events have been loaded, they can be saved in *.wcr file directly. You can also set a blacklist to reduce the chatlog size.

- Viewport context menu: Added an fonction to set focus for all units of the same type in the current combat frame. Additionnaly, focused unit are now highlighted in the unit tree too.

- Scroll bars have been added to the viewport.

- Raid header size is now correctly saved.

- Fix for some combatblock problems.

- Few small fixes and optimizations.

I made a youtube preview here:


(no sound and no text for the moment) but it should help to figure how WowCardio is working

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Hi, for those who are following this project: new update (beta21) with a major feature: Liveupdate.

14/06/09 b21

- WowCardioraid can now open, read and parse the wowcombatlog.txt file even if the game is not closed.

- Experimental support for RealTime Update (event only, no support for realtime chatlog atm). Events are parsed automatically when the wowcombatlog.txt is updated by the game. Update frequencie can be adjusted in the options (from 30s to 30 mn). A manual update is also available.

- Due to background update possibilities, parsing error feedback has been changed. Errors are now logged in the options panel. A single '!!!' mark is added in the viewport (top-left) when error(s) have been recorded.

- Added Inclusive/Exclusive modes for focused Unit: Inclusive mode means that events must match sourceUnit *or* destUnit, while exclusive mode means that events must match sourceUnit *and* destUnit to be filtered. Unit focused are highlighted in Orange in inclusive mode, and Blue in ExclusiveMode.

- Few optimizations in parsing functions.

I am very interested to get feedback about the realtime update if you are encountering problems (even if not) ;)

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Thanks ! The liveupdate is a really cool feature.


New build, and a lot of little things ;)

A documentation (still a work in progress, actually based on an old version) has been realised by Darkbubbles (Garithos-US), big thanks to him: WCR_Manual.pdf

29/07/09 b22

- Slight improvement in realtime parsing

- Small UI improvements

- WCR now remembers the last log folder

- Fixed the wow 3.2 log changes (need testing anyway for UNIT_DISSIPATES events)

- It's now possible to specify your favorite web site for checking spell info. (default is Wowhead). Juste use %s for the spellId string in the link

- Its now possible to specify the default live log in options, and to access it directly through the load button or menu.

- Added somes save options when necessary. Also added a way to rename the live wowcombatlog.txt through the save process (wow.exe must be closed for this functionnality)

- Small Fix with Utf8: some logs were not parsed correctly when splitted with externals tools

- While parsing, the estimated time left is shown in the statusbar. Also corrected a small visual issue with the progressbar

- Since some SPELL_AURA events have been fixed in wow3.1, the aura visualization have been revamped. Aura of the same type are now separated between their casters. Anyway it's possible to specify in spell Options to use a single aura line only when necessary. Please note that REFRESH_AURA events are credited only for the original Aura caster. It's probably a Blizzard bug.

- Stack number for relevants Aura are now indicated on the aura-lines directly (with a proper zoom level only to keep viewing clear).

- Added a button to switch from buff gained and buff casted in detailled view.

- Added the name of the caster and the aura Uptime in front of aura lines in detailled view

- the left column (with unit name or aura name) is now resizable.

- Added a new compare system (alpha). It's possible to save a specific raid Dps/hps line, (filtered or not), and to load it over the current combatgraph, and to compare performance. This comparison tool works through different logs.


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Little update, mainly for bug fix

05/08/19 b23

- Fixed a bug in the save module of the compare tool

- Added an access to the 'compare line' properties (comments and color).

- Fix a possible out-of-range error with the stattree column check

- Added a graphical aura emphasis when a buff or debuff is selected in detailled view.

- When the live combatlog is renamed by the program, the autoupdate-events are also disabled.

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hi there

just a small note for a small Update and wow3.3 support

If some of you have some raw combatlog from 3.3 raids to share, that could be helpful.

thank you.

28/10/09 b27

- Fix for new 3.3 NPC Guid. Wcr can read both 3.2 and 3.3 logs.

- Added School informations on Event Tooltip

- Few internal optimizations.

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Hi everybody.

I havent posted here since a long time but I have made some big changes that might interest some of you: detailled stats module and improved detailled view.

15/05/10 b36

Detailled stat module:

- Added new panel for individual stats. It's also possible to set Spell filter and Aura_watch directly from this panel

- New detailled view mode: events out (rotation), events in, aura out, aura in (shortcuts are F1(list), F2, F3, F4, f5 (detailled modes))

- Activity now checks for focus and filter

- Options has been moved in a separate windows

- New option for scaling graphics

- New option for opening wowcardio directly on LogIndexPage. Default index looks for then 10 last logs.

- Melee/autoattack now separated from other 'nospell' actions

- Spells and units/boss options Updated

- Improved hp deficit line calculation.

- Modified the filterspell/event tree check cycle for to avoid confusion.

- Added Focusmode for inclusive focus style: you can set focus for event out, event in or both

- Added a button that reflects the 'a' shortcut function (hide event)

- many internals optimizations

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A little bump to say that WowCardioraid is finally in a release state,

I still have some ideas, but the tool is stable enough now. I have added a lot of few little options and capabilities.

As usual, you can find the tool (zip archive) on my own website or on

7/11/10 Release 1.02 (hcange from my last post here:)

- Added a stats-widget in the graphic view

- Some UI Improvements

- Added a lot of spell data and boss data for cataclysm

- Fixed a problem with melee hit (swing damage), not showing up in personnal stats

- Added a Transcriptor parsing support (however, this module is in beta stage): Transcriptor - WoW AddOns -

- Logindex now shows bossdown/hm/25players information.

- WCR format has been slightly modified to handle Bossdown/ and Hardmode feedback. Conversion from old log format is possible. New logs can't be read by older wowcardio version anyway

- Wowcardio now show RaidTargetIcon over the timeframe. Note that only logs that have been parsed by beta38+ can handle this new option, this information is save in new wcr file format as well.

- Wowcardio is now trying to find player role and draw a small icon accordingly.

- Graphics drawings have been optimized: wowcardio now tries to draw a lot less events when the zoom is out. Internal memory processing has been optimized as well.

- Fixed a nasty bug when the user tries to push an update on an empty livelog

- Combatblocks analysis has been revamped. Boss start/end events should be found in a more accurate way.

- CombatBlocks now show wipe/down, normal/hardmode detection. Nb of players involved is also indicated.HMTag is red, NormalTag is blue. block color is orange for wipe, Green dfor successful down. If cardio doesnt detect wipe or down, block color is gray.

- spell/unit options have been updated to handled correct boss analysis. (Tutorial will be found on wow cardio website or forum)

- Stats max values have been moved on int64 to avoid overflow on very big logs (or lot of leviathan tries)

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Just wanted to thank you for all the work on this very nice addon. The one thing I miss, unless I'm overlooking an option somewhere, is more detailed information about the min/max/crit values of damage or healing abilities. Not a huge deal, but would love it if you could add those in.

Thanks anyway, keep up the good work.

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thank you^^

I just released a new version with a lot of improvements.

I have also added what you are missing: so now you can get more detailled number by hovering stats: enjoy^^

(the main issue was to find a way to show this kind of stuff without beiing unreadable, so I hope that way is good enough)

4/12/10 Release 1.04

- Improved Log Index. Boss are now shown in list, and logs can be filtered by boss. The new index system is using a cache file in the log folder for to speed up the process, however its possible to disabled this cache system in options.

- more Detailled Stats are available by hovering numbers.

- Added Instance/Raid detection (this can be set in unit-options, only for Boss)

- It's now possible to add a short comment in saved-WCR logs

- Event-Tooltips now show the local time if a period of time is selected, the "time-grid" is realigned as well on the start of a selection.

- RawParser optimization (parsing time reduced by 50-60%)

- Minor optimization in datas structures and few bugfixs/improvements

as usual you can get it: here.

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A new update.

A lot of internal change for to handle unicode language, I hope this will work as intended ^^

I have added few new stuffs, theorycrafters may be interested by critical_block estimation count/stats.


Release 1.05

- WowCardio should now handle unicode languages (chinese, russian etc.)

- Added CriticalBlock Detection and stats.

- The stats-view has been improved. Unit of the same type (same mobID) are now sorted under a summary node, (descendants nodes still show all units separately).

- Raw Parsing optimization (20% faster).

- Improved absorbs count

- Hpline generation improvement

- Fixed powergains type

- Fixed Translator parsing

- Added new spell/boss datas.

- few improvements/fixes

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Update 1.06

I am still working on the absorb calculation module. I think I am now close to really accurate numbers, given the fact the blizzard log have some discrepancies: Sometimes, some absorb-aura-event doesnt have real damage absorbed linked, and sometimes 1 absorb-aura-event is in reality linked to multiple damages-absorb-events when they occur in a really short time. (this mean for example that a PowerWord:Shield can absorb twice its real absorb pool in some situations, but it's not credited in the wowcombatlog.txt as it should)

Please let me know if you encounter very weird results^^

- Unicode improvements.

- Added PowerGains and Interrupt/dispel stats in unitstatspanel

- Improved focus-feedback in statstree.

- Absorb Module improved (again) for to handle better both Log-Defined-absorbs, and Guessed-Absorbs. Spell like savage defense, blood shield (etc.) should now be calculated in a better accurate way. Also added a fix for AntiMagicShell, which is obviously bugged in the blizzard log.

- Improved Absorb feedback in unit-stats list: Log-Defined-Absorbs are shown in blue, Guessed-absorb are shown in italic/blue;

- Fixed some spell Datas

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Just a quick fix for wow 4.2+.

Please report any trouble!

06/07/11 Release 1.07

- Fix for WowcombatLog 4.2: At this time WowCardio can read hybrid logs (wow4.0 to wow4.2). However since this require extra routine that slows down the parsing, support for 4.0 format will be disabled in the future.

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Hi everyone

I have made a small update for Wowcardioraid regarding Wow 5.0/MoP

Since there is no addon right now on the beta, WCR can be useful to see what's going on. (and to check your dps in real time)

25/04/12 Release 1.08

- Added MoP support for Monk

- Added New Powers datas ("Chi" and unknown placeholders)

- Fixed a small possible (and really rare) error

- Added some HM detections for 4.3 DS raid (mostly for 10 players raid)

The monk class detection is not complete right now. You may have to add monk spell yourself to insure a correct detection.

To do this, on the Gfx view, right click on a spell (this must be a monk specific spell), then choose "edit Spell", then choose "Monk".

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I had not updated Wowcardioraid since a while, but the patch 5.2 brings some new stuff so I made a new release.

At curse or my web site, (link in the first post), you can find the 1.09 update that simply fix the 5.2logs compatibility.

But, I am also releasing a beta version here for those who are interested, because the new log brings some interesting suff like HP/Power pool datas. (also also some stuff that are still unknown, atm).

beta link

-handle the new data of the 5.2log

-handle the data in the wcr save file (you may need to resave your previous 5.2 logs)

-The hpLine is based on the new data. Interesting thing, you can switch between the old guessing mode by pressing 'd'. hell: that was not bad ;)

-In detailled view for a given player/unit, it's now possible to see the mana Pool, during a fight

NOTE: there are unknown field yet. by default it shows main power:Mana

If you want to test/guess what the other fields are, it's possible to switch with

'e': change the dataFeed

'f' : change the powertype (rage = 1, energy = 3)

(of course all these features work only on 5.2logs)

feedback will be appreciated.

here is a picture of WCR1.10beta in action:


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