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[Alliance][Dragonblight] <Deus Ex Crux> Seeking pyrophobics - 13/14 Ulduar

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What's this? An Oceanic posting about a US Server.

Yes, it's true. Deus ex Crux is an Oceanic guild that plays on the US Server Dragonblight. This means you get the best of both worlds - no lag, no competition for herbing/mining/dailies, and an awesome AH. There are a number of Oceanic guilds on Dragonblight so there is also plenty of room for PUGging should you desire.

Raid times are 6:30 - 10:00pm AEST (GMT+10/11) We are very happy to include server transfers

About Us

Deus ex Crux has core players who have played WoW for 4 years, many of those together. We have been actively raiding since Molten Core, and in TBC cleared Sunwell to M'uru pre-nerf, then M'uru/KJ post-nerf. We're a "mature" guild, in that many of us have families, but the main feature is that we are respectful of our guildmates and treat raiding as a game, but a serious game.

We finished TBC as a world top 500 guild. Not bad for a bunch of Aussies/Kiwis and random Septics living on a PvE server. Our skill is equal to any in the world, our opportunity and more casual approach to raiding makes raiding with DeC less stressful - and a much better experience for many players looking at finishing the content, but at a more appropriate pace.

We cleared all of 25 man Naxx in the first week we started raiding again. On the off nights we have 3 teams of 10 mans (Rubber Ducky Raiding, Team Boony and Team Random) that casually play. There is heroics and a growing core of PvPers.

We have a number of very active theorycrafters in the guild, so expect to be able to play with some of the more scientific players in WoW.

How is Ulduar Going? (Heroic mode)


Flame Leviathan +4




Assembly of Iron/Iron Council - Molgein, Brundir









Working on

Assembly of Iron/Iron Council - Steelbreaker

Harder modes of Freya (+1,+2)

Not attempted

Algernon (Need Flowers)

About You

We expect you to be mature, capable player who enjoys the social side of the game as much as the raiding side. We need you to have a sense of humour, tolerate the occasional bawdy jokes and swearing. You need to be constantly trying to improve your play, and that of your guildmates, and be able to take appropriate criticism on performance as a guide to improvment, not as some personal threat to your manliness (or girliness). Guild chat is not PG, but neither is it X-rated, and any intolerance shown towards groups will rapidly result in a gkick.

What are we looking for

At this time Deus Ex Crux is seeking applications for Wrath of the Lich King.

Warriors - Low (Prot Warrior or Arms)

Priests - Closed (Holy), Closed (Shadow)

Paladins - Low

Warlocks - High

Mages - Medium

Rogues - Closed

Druids - Low (Moonkin), Low (Feral), Closed (Resto)

Hunters - High

Shaman - Low (Resto), Low (Elemental), Low (Enhancement)

Death Knight - Closed

We will consider exceptional applications from any class.

How we raid

We have a bench, and all players will be expected to form part of that and rotate as required. We do need all players to maintain a 75% availability, which gives people time off for real life - which is strongly encouraged. We have a Loot Council for loot allocation, which has been going since AQ40 with significant success.

How to apply

If you are interested, then please visit our recruitment forum at Crux: The Forums.

If more information is required, then please contact me via PM here, or create a lvl1 alt on Dragonblight and contact me, or another officer in game.

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As it appears to be all the rage to flex your epeen on recruitment posts, I finally found some useful information about what we do.

We have all of the Wrath content cleared, including Sarth+3.

As we started a bit slower than others, we rank about 6th to 8th on the "clear the easy modes", for the harder achievements we are;

Realm 1st

Heroic: A Poke in the Eye

Heroic: Subtraction

Heroic: The Dedicated Few

Realm 2nd

Heroic: Make quick werk of him

Realm 3rd

Heroic: Less is more

Heroic: The Safety Dance

See WoW Guild Deus ex Crux :: WoWProgress - World of Warcraft Rankings and History for more information

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Updated our desire for more ranged DPS.

Warlocks, Mages, Hunters, Moonkin.

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Well, we don't really need an Elemental shaman any more as we have one.

We'd love to speak to Mages, Hunters, Moonkin, and potentially a quality Enhancement shaman.

If you're ranged DPS and you want to participate in our plans for Ulduar then now would be a good time to speak to the officers as we have time to gear you and you get used to the crazy ANZACS

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Updated with need for more warlocks (probably 2) - and a need for more ranged DPS in general (probably 1 each of mage, hunter, moonkin)

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With Ulduar coming closer - we're still looking for 2 mages, 2 warlocks, moonkin and could probably fit in a hunter if they were good.

If you're a mage or warlock, you'll basically be showered with loot.

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An e-peen update for those who think this matters. Personally we prefer people who want to join us because we're great people, have a relaxed raiding atmosphere and can provide a good home. Just so happens that when you do that, and you're organised - good shit happens.

We have not be specifically chasing "progress points" nor "achievements" - other than what we need to get further into Ulduar.

Since Ulduar we have managed:

Realm First:

Heroic: I choose you Runemaster Molgeim (US #8, World #26)

Realm Second:

Heroic: Orbital Bombardment

And we still need mages and warlocks. We might find a spot for a shadow priest if they're not a fire-stander.

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Another update.

We did a bit of shuffling around of characters from our current group of excellent players. We're good for Shadow Priests and Moonkin.

We could be tempted to take a good hunter, a couple of warlocks (where are you foul creatures?), possibly even a DPS warrior of some form, but you would need to be excellent.

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While I'm no longer an active raider or officer for DeC - I'm still around, can still answer questions and the team is still going great. Recruiting is open for most classes - we'd love to see more ranged (warlocks/mages) as a priority - but skilled and easy going people are welcome to apply if you're up to the mark.

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