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[Horde][Jubei'Thos] <Very Serious> Awaiting New Content - NEED TANKS!

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Very Serious is a horde guild on the Oceanic realm of Jubei-thos and we focus on hardcore PVE content, looking for PVE horde & server firsts. Very Serious was created with core members from the world renown guild Genesis and other top horde guilds from Jubei'Thos who have all been playing together for a long time.

We currently have the horde first for 3 drakes for 25man and have been working on 10man 3 drakes. We are looking to recruit for the upcoming content patches and new instances.

Our raid times are 7:15pm - 11:30pm (AEST +10 GMT, Sydney, NSW time) and we raid 25man raids on Wednesday, Thursday, Sunday and Monday. With Friday and Saturday as night off or casual 10mans and alt runs etc.

Currently we are in need for two tanks, with an opportunity for a main tank and an off tank, so any of the below class are fine if you want to be a main tank or an offtank.

Warrior - 1 (Protection) - Highest preference for tank, don't have any currently.

Paladin - 1 (Protection)

Druid - 1 (Feral)

Although if you are not a tank and would like to apply for some hardcore PVE raiding, drop your application and we'll see how it goes.

We are looking for like minded people who don't want to run the show. Or people who criticise others or others who are just plain stupid and don't know how to avoid flame walls or void zones. Just people who can join the guild and raid with us and work towards the same goal. As a tank, it is vital that you communicate on ventrilo with us and know the exact workings of your class. We also are very friendly, and we know when it's time to put our game face on, and when it's time to have laugh.

If you aren't super geared and have come back to the game, and you had experience in Sunwell or Naxx in vanilla wow, we are open to gearing you up fast, as the majority of gear these days we have to de!

Please contact Deuceyy, Vask or Whuz or Duntazemebra in game, make an application on the forums at Very Serious Guild or you can PM a private application on the forum to one of us if you wish also.

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