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[Horde][Dethecus]<Minor Prophets>11/12HM- Late 8pm PST - LF Cata Raiders - 12hrs/wk

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Guild Name: <Minor Prophets>

Current progression: 11/12 ICC [10+25], RS 10 H, RS 25 cleared!

Server: Dethecus-PVP

Raid Schedule: Sunday - Wednesday, 8pm-11pm PST

Loot Distribution System: Loot council based on attendance, performance and relative upgrade.

Minor Prophets is a Horde raiding guild on the that has been around since mid-TBC. What seperates us from the rest of the pack is our mentality: we are here to push progression while keeping a light but serious schedule, and maintain a friendly environment for all of our guild members!

Our plan for the Cataclysm expansion is to remain a 25 man raiding guild with various 10 man raids running outside of our normal scheduled hours. We all love playing our many alts and with the new loot system in Cataclysm, 10 man side raids seem like the perfect way to keep our alts, mains and new members up to date! We have many altoholics in our guild, and often run nearly all current and previous content with multiple main and alt runs for achievements, gear, mounts, and the like!

Minor Prophets also has many members that are extremely serious about our love for PVP: as of now, we have multiple members who plan for Rated PVP for the new expansion including Arena and Rated Battlegrounds, including Gladiators, Battlemasters, Conquerors and soon to be High Warlords!

Dethecus is a Low-Medium population, Horde dominated server and is often in control of Wintergrasp and soon to be Tol Barad. As the current leader of progression for the server, we are well positioned to maintain our position as the best guild on the server into the new content, and expect to receive realm first titles and achievements.


What we are looking for in raiding applicants:

******* We do not recruit bench players, as such we expect nearly 100% attendance. *******

• Dedication to maximizing your personal performance

• Situational awareness and the ability to follow instructions

• The ability to make correct decisions in snap situations.

• Ventrilo is used extensively so please be fluent in English.


We are always recruiting exceptional players of any class, but are most interested in the following classes and specs:

Any exceptional DPS players


If you are a skilled, knowledgeable raider who is looking to join a friendly and fun family of players who enjoy getting as much content as possible done in a relatively short time, then we'd love to have you!

Feel free to contact any officer in game, or shoot us an app at!

WoWprogress Link: Minor Prophets

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Class Needs Updated:

Priest: Open

Druid (feral): Limited

Rogue: Limited

Shaman: Limited

Warrior (prot): Limited

Death Knight: Limited

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Shadow Priest: Limited

Druid (feral): Extremely Limited

Shaman: Extremely Limited

Death Knight: Extremely Limited

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All classes are currently being looked for. If you believe yourself to be an exceptional player, please apply.

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