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[Alliance][Akama] <Nephilim> Content Clear. LFM Personalities for Semi Casual.

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Nephilim is now recruiting a few exceptional players.

Hmm, what can I say about us? Well frankly I don't know what I can say about us that we haven't already extensively documented on our Nephilim Recruitment Center on our guild forums- even have a few videos of our raids with ventrilo.

What are we? We like to think we are "casual" but we basically threw a bunch of real life having grown adults together who have raided together in world class guilds for more than a few years- some of us have been raiding together since the MC days. We decided to make a guild in our vision and get back to having some fun.

Do not let this deceive you we take our raiding seriously and expect the same respect from all of our raid team. Many of us are business professionals who like to raid, we like to be able to log on and raid with efficiency and competency. Our mission when we created the guild was specifically: "Casual yet competent." Many of us came from guilds who were competitive on the US and World WoW scene. Are we looking to compete again on such a level, categorically no, but if we happened to become US or world ranked in our travels do we mind? Of course not, we take progression seriously but it is not the entire focus of our game play.

Many of the comments we receive from new trial members is that the guild has the "feel" of the old "Uber" MC/BWL raiding guilds. We keep things tight, all our players have raided 1.0- many of us have been together THAT long. Our intent was to bring back the "old school" mentality of individual responsibility to raiding.

The server:

PVP CST server with some genuinely good people on it, medium population and the alliance does spank the Horde on a regular basis. Good economy and no queues. Overall we have been fairly happy with the transfer.

Raid times:

Sun-Thurs: 8pm to 12am CST (server time)

Equals out to about 6pm PST or 9pm EST start times.

Yes, we raid five times a week, or rather our mentality is we offer five raids a week. Of those you make three raids a week for the top looting tier.


We do use DKP but with a bit of a twist, so feel free to check it out on the site. Our philosophy is that like everything in the REAL world if it is not in writing it does not exist. So, we form and document all guild policies on the website.

The Crew:

The guild is mostly for working professionals, military members, and we have a few youngsters. We aren't about wasting your time or ours but we also expect a degree of excellence in our raid team.

We have a very tight knit group, and a family mentality many of us know each other in real life or have at least met. We are serious about progression but not at the cost of our personal or professional lives.

Does this mean we are a bunch of surgical WoW players with no sense of humor? Absolutely not in fact, and I say this from experience being the GM I am the lightning rod of many of their little pranks; we have a very healthy community. Is it perfect? Nope, we are people. Have we had the infamous "drama" everyone tries to avoid? Frankly, I can say since its inception we have never had one loot dispute, one issue that did not resolve itself or one issue that was guild specific or harmed the community; of that I am the most proud. On that note, do not bother bringing that with you because that's the quickest way to be shown the door; we run ZERO tolerance for any of it.


We are currently working on the last thing in game: 3D Sarth right now and expect to clean that up this week; other than that it is all about the Ulduar preparation.

Well, why so slow? We started on a high population original launch server and were not only ranked but well regarded. We moved when the server hardware problems were so severe we could not raid more than once a week. The move of 90 percent of our core raid team was good for us, but also set us back a bit. Since moving to the server in the short span of four weeks we have moved to the number four Alliance spot. This while taking two weeks off of raiding entirely for the holidays.


Gear is not an issue we recruit on skill and personality and are always willing to take a chance on a late bloomer to the raiding scene that could possibly end up an asset to the guild and a part of the family. Bottom-line we expect recruits and applicants to posses the motivation and want to kill stuff at a world class progression level. Do we expect to compete on the world stage? No, but the guild does posses a competitive edge and the talent to place if not first than at the very least top three on the server.

As for classes and specs those are ALL listed on our website in the proper forum. Though, off the top of my head I know we can use at least:

Shamans- Elemental or Restoration

Warriors- Tank or DPS

Death Knights- Tank or DPS

Paladin- Any spec

Hunter- Any spec

Rogue- Any spec

We keep the site updated so check there for recent openings.

Also, while I am here; DPS MUST be able to sustain OVER 3.2k DPS during raids. Have had WAY too many try out with people who had great gear and apparently just did not understand practical application. A Rogue in T7 should not just be putting out 2.3k DPS... Not that I think it would be an issue with anyone coming to us from THESE boards just throwing that out there.

Well, if that piques your interest feel free to check out our site and learn more about if you might be a good personality fit for our guild.

How to Apply:

Head on over to our site and read the available materials in the Nephilim Recruitment Center forums then just follow the dummy-proofed directions from there. If that is too difficult a task, then we are probably not a good fit for you.

The site:

Home : Nephilim - Guild Launch Guild Hosting

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Recruitment Update as of 29 Jan 2009

Please know your class well enough to fill two aspects of that class. IE Warriors should be able to either tank, or DPS competently with either spec! Same goes for hybrids.

Tanks: I need at least ONE if not TWO tanks of ANY class who can fill more than one role.

Healers: I need at least TWO more healers who can also fill another role.

Keep in mind the more flexible you are with your abilities the more raids you will get into.

We also fill classes as well.

Shaman: 2-3 openings, there are only 2 raiding shamans in the guild.

Warrior: 2-3 openings, there are only 2 raiding shamans in the guild.

Hunter: 1-2 openings, there are only 2 raiding hunters in the guild.

Rogue: 1-2 openings, there are only 2 raiding rogues in the guild.

Priest / Paladin: 1 opening per.

To see more info on all this see the Nephilim Recruiting Center forum for more. Thank you!

More info:

Guild Forums : Nephilim - Guild Launch Guild Hosting

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Updating this thread:

OK we have a few CORE spots due to some RL issues of a few of our raiders.

These spots mean you are able to step right in and integrate yourself right into our raid team. We usually allow people who show potential etc to join the guild and not be gear determinate. These are not those spots. Here are the openings.

Priest: 1 Holy

Rogue: 1 3K+ DPS

Hunter: 1 3K+ DPS

Shaman: 1 Resto

Shaman: 1 Elemental 3K+ DPS

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