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How To Use Search

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Hello, tired of getting infractions for not searching? Don't know how to search? New to the forums? Well maybe this thread will help you learn how to use the forum's search function. This way you can find the info that you want and not get an infraction for asking about something that has all ready been posted somewhere else in the thread.

Lets start off by searching for a Mining Guide. Follow the directions below on how to use search. I have added pictures to make this even easier.

attachment.php?attachmentid=4258&stc=1&d=1232678748 - This is the search button. It should be located at the top of right of the forums. You will need to click on this button in order to get to the search box.

attachment.php?attachmentid=4259&stc=1&d=1232678831 - After you click on search you will see this box. You will then need to type in mining guide and click on go. After you click go you will see about 30+ results for your search. This is not a huge amount but it could be a lot to read. So lets make our search more simple. Lets search again but this time lets use quotation marks around mining guide.

attachment.php?attachmentid=4261&stc=1&d=1232678991 - This is what your search should look like now after you have added the quotation marks. Now you should have found only two or more threads that will have something about a mining guide listed in it. In my search I found You will need to click on that thread.

attachment.php?attachmentid=4260&stc=1&d=1232679461 - You can now see this search function listed at the top right of the thread. You will need to click on it and search for mining guide using quotation marks again to make sure that you find that exact wording.

attachment.php?attachmentid=4262&stc=1&d=1232679461 - This is what your thread search should look like. After you click on go you should find a post that has a link to a mining guide.

After reading this thread you shouldn't make a post saying "I know this has been asked before but I didn't feel like looking over the 100+ posts to find my answer." This is a simple way on how to use search. I'm not going to show you how to use the advanced options. For that, you will need to learn on your own.







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