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[Horde][Blackwater Raiders] <Ascension> Recruiting Exceptional Raiders MTThSa 6-10PST

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About Us

<Ascension> is an established and well-respected Horde raiding guild on the Blackwater Raiders server. We've downed all current 25-man raid content, with all but Sartharion + 3 drakes on farm status. Our members are mature (18+), dedicated, talented, and committed to downing content while maintaining a realistic real life/raiding balance, a high degree of respect and tolerance, and a wicked sense of humor.

About You

We're looking for sharp, mature raiders who know their class inside and out and who will fit in with our dedicated and sometimes slightly twisted raiding team. We're passionate about raiding and downing bosses, and you should be too--but we're also realistic that sometimes real life gets in the way. We expect you to:

- Be 18 or over.

- Be able to make at least 75% of our raiding times (see below).

- Have an active knowledge of your class, an appropriate raiding spec, and the proper gear, gems, and enchants for your spec.

- Have a solid, raid-capable computer and internet connection.

- Have a passion for learning and improving your playstyle and performance from week to week.

- Demonstrate a conscientious effort to independently make improvements.

- Have raiding experience--the more, the better.

- Be primarily PvE focused. PvP is fine in its place, but raiding is our focus and we expect it to be yours as well.

- Be easy to get along with, not overly obsessed with loot, not easily offended, and not a prima donna.

- Be able and open to to following instructions. If you don't agree with something you're asked to do during a raid, do it anyway, and bring it up afterward--we're happy to listen and consider your suggestions.

- Be tolerant and respectful. Though our guild chat and Vent can get a little X-rated at times, we don't tolerate any sort of hate speech regarding sexual orientation, race, faith, gender, political affiliation, or similar topics. Further, though we're not a roleplaying guild, we do play on an RP server and expect all of our members to be respectful of roleplayers and roleplaying.

Currently Actively Recruiting:

Our current active recruiting needs are:

- 1 mage

- 1-2 Holy and/or Discipline priests

- 1-2 Shadow priests

- 1-2 warlocks

- 1 Resto shaman

However, we're looking to expand our overall roster with exceptional players of most classes (see below) in anticipation of Ulduar. We can't guarantee 25-man raid spots to applicants for whom we don't have a current immediate need, but we're looking to expand into a separate 10-man team whose members will have a shot at 25-man spots as they gear up and improve their skills. We reward excellence and dedication.

Our raiding schedule:

Monday, Tuesday, Thursday, and Saturday

5:45pm (invites) through 10pm, PST

Off nights are just that: off nights. We're usually doing something else on those nights, though (10-man runs, old-world raids for achievements, heroics, etc.), and you're welcome to join in (or not) as you like.

Class-specific Notes

We're reasonably full on the following classes, so any applicants would have to be particularly exceptional:

- Death Knight (DPS spec)

- Hunter

- Warrior (DPS spec)

- Paladin (Ret and Prot spec)

- Rogue

- Druid

- Shaman (Enhancement and Elemental spec)

How to Apply

To apply, go to Ascension of Blackwater Raiders :: Index and fill out our application. Please be thorough--the more information you give us, the easier it is to determine if you would be a good fit. We'll contact you in-game to discuss things further if necessary.

Thank you very much for reading. Blackwater Raiders might not be the most progressed server out there, but if you're looking for a solid guild with strong leadership that's dedicated to downing content, seeking excellence, and having fun while we do it, <Ascension> might be just what you're looking for.

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