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[Horde][Lightning's Blade] <Aftermath> Seeking Hunter/Healing Priest 12 hour week

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Aftermath of Lightning's Blade is seeking a few quality players to both continue the process of farming current content and to push onward into Ulduar.

Our website is available at Aftermath - Lightnings Blade

We are particularly interested in picking up the following:

1 Hunter

1 Holy or Discipline Priest

We run with a rather slim roster and aim to not recruit for the bench.



Lightning's Blade is a high population EST PvP server, established shortly after launch. In the past we have had slight queues, but at present they are nearly non-existant, with only 3-5 minute waits during peak hours. Our factional populations have become close to balanced over time.


Aftermath is a guild dedicated to high end raid progression on a limited schedule. First formed in November of 2005 as a merger of two guilds with the intent of competing for and achieving both horde and server firsts, Aftermath has achieved every horde first from Nefarion to the present day, every server first from late Naxx to Sunwell, and still competes for server firsts to this day. We do this while raiding four nights a week, three hours per night. In terms of recent content, all 10/25 man content has been cleared, with our first kill of Three Drake Sartharion coming on December 12th.


Monday: Off

Tuesday: 9 PM to Midnight EST

Wednesday: 9 PM to Midnight EST

Thursday: 9 PM to Midnight EST

Friday: Off

Saturday: Off

Sunday: 9 PM to Midnight EST


Aftermath uses a loot council to determine loot distribution. Items are linked in raid chat and interested parties link their currently equipped item in officer chat, whereupon the officers determine who will receive the item. We do not have restrictions on applicants receiving loot, and members are encouraged to build offspec sets to allow for fine tuning of raid matrices on particularly demanding fights.

The Details-

We strongly believe that all players should have a good understanding of all specs and talents available to their characters. If you are a Retribution Paladin then you should understand how Beacon of Light works with multiple Holy Paladins and not have your eyes glaze over when the subject of Divine Guardian usage comes up.

As stated above we raid on a limited schedule. All of our raiders are in college or beyond and we do not have the time or patience to wait around twiddling our thumbs. We do not tolerate constant AFKs without good justification, constantly not running back after a non-recovery wipe, or excessively slacking off on trash.

At the same time we encourage our players to relax and have fun while still maintaining high standards. WoW is a game, it should not be a job. We simply believe that the game is far more enjoyable for everyone when you're not wiping constantly, not sitting around twiddling your thumbs between pulls, and downing bosses quickly and effectively.

We actively seek to do achievements in raiding under the belief that they both make the game more interesting and enjoyable, as well as providing new challenges to overcome.

Prospective applicants should apply on our forums, get in touch with Khorium/Vashin in game, or send a private message to Arentios/Zerack/Serkiz/Masquerader/Momokan on our forums.

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Updated needs. Our tanking/DK situation seem to have been worked out, but we are still looking for another quality hunter and are in need of a healing spec'd priest.

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